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Gooooooopa! Gooooooopa!

Here’s this week’s Hallowe’en Punky! Radio (Always a great show) and we’re not letting you down. Here’s Tony with some extraordinary info…

“It’s that time of year again where we prove without a shadow of a doubt that we bring you the greatest in Halloween tunes by bringing you tracks from Zombina And The Skeletones, The SkareKrows, Bruiser Queen, Wood Shampoo, Brutally Frank, King Automatic, The Phlegm and Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons.

Zombina And The Skeletones, Satan gets in touch, Tony has your Facebook comments, Bentley gets in touch, CrashDollz and Pantychrist, will our 10 year anniversary span multiple days and post codes?, Tony’s Tiling Update, Paul’s been to Oslo, kebab eating in the dark, word of the week, internet madness, Tony’s International Gig Guide, SpunkFlakes!, will Satan have a bit of time in the run up to Christmas?, Tony will be doing DIY this week…, Paul’s off to Holland, Haags Comedy Festival, Izzatwat, Dragster and don’t forget to email us with your questions for Satan!

Song 1: Zombina And The Skeletones – The Grave… And Beyond!
Song 2: The SkareKrows – Zoidberg Boogie
Song 3: Bruiser Queen – Some Girls Ghost
Song 4: Wood Shampoo – You Suck (Mr. Vampire)
Song 5: Brutally Frank – Bite
Song 6: King Automatic – My Skull Collection
Song 7: The Phlegm – My Baby IS A Vampire
Song 8: Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons – Hell Bent”

…He leaves no stone (or tile) unturned…

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Apooooooog! Apooooooog!

It’s Punky! Time! Half past week and what a show – here’s our Tony to fill you in…

“We get some rocking music out of the way this week as we prepare to bring you all the shocking music in next week’s Halloween special! This week’s great tracks from Scanner, Brutally Frank, Kicking Harold, Crashdollz, Ashley Reaks, Restless, The Gilstraps and The Mobbs.

Hello Scanner, don’t forget to email us your jokes, word of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Graham may not be that much of a lightweight after all…, The Dead 60’s, Tony’s Tiling Update, World War one flying ace or brutal killer from Saw III?, Tony’s International Gig Guide, what does the devil eat?, Restless, what does the future hold for Tony?, Paul is off to Oslo, an Izzatwat from Bradleysprog and get ready for next week’s super Halloween Special!

Song 1: Scanner – Weekends Suck
Song 2: Brutally Frank – Strife
Song 3: Kicking Harold – Kill You
Song 4: Crashdollz – 27 Tulip Pass
Song 5: Ashley Reaks – Freaks Of The World Unite
Song 6: Restless – Judge McGraw
Song 7: The Gilstraps – Changes
Song 8: The Mobbs – Get Your Hair Cut”

How can you NOT like THAT?

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Goopa! Goopa! Here’s some great music and crap chat! (Just how I like it) but who can tell us all about it? Why, Tony of course…

“Well this week’s show welcomes a special guest Paula who brings with her a vague alcoholic haze hovering around our heroes, who never the less still manage to bring you 8 great tracks from Bruiser Queen, Gino And The Goons, Wonk Unit, The Antidon’ts, Sick Thoughts, MFC Chicken, The Monsieurs and Sleeze.

Hello Paula, Paul and Paula have been out before the show, Tony has your Facebook comments, riot?, Wonk Unit, Tony is still tiling, explosions, tornado, Paul talks about his week, London, Barry the Vicar, England matches, masturbation, Tony’s International Gig Guide, MFC Chicken, Tony talks about his week ahead, Paula talks about what she will be doing, Tony takes notes, Paul crowns Paula the Queen of Punky, Paul’s off up to Edinburgh, Postman Twat and don’t forget you can listen to us online a variety of ways.

Song 1: Bruiser Queen – Harlequin
Song 2: Gino And The Goons – Sex, Drugs & Paranoia
Song 3: Wonk Unit – Mr Recovery
Song 4: The Antidon’ts – Baby Calls The Shots
Song 5: Sick Thoughts – Cream
Song 6: MFC Chicken – I’m Her Pet
Song 7: The Monsieurs – Young Gun
Song 8: Sleeze – Morphine Queen”

…Haha! Postman Twat!

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Apoog! Apoog!

Yes! New Punky! posted and it’s another little bag of top tunes and crap chat. here’s our Tony with the specifics…

“Do you like a lot of chocolate on YOUR biscuit? If so join our Punky club and get ready for some great songs from The Mobbs, Frau Blücher And The Drünken Horses, Acid Baby Jesus, The Derellas, The Dead 60s, Stalins Of Sound, Pantychrist and The Youth.

The Mobbs, Comedy Suburbs, the Halloween special is coming up, Punky theme tune, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony’s been tiling, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, The Dead 60s, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s off to the dentist, sex, Wonk Unit, Pantychrist, Paul has an offer for you lucky lucky listeners, Izzatwat is all serious and Tony reminds you how you can listen online.

Song 1: The Mobbs – Where’s The Punk Rock?
Song 2: Frau Blücher And The Drünken Horses – P-I-T-A
Song 3: Acid Baby Jesus – Vegetable
Song 4: The Derellas – London A Go Go
Song 5: The Dead 60s – Ghostfaced Killer
Song 6: Stalins Of Sound – Meatbag
Song 7: Pantychrist – Carve My Name Into Your Chest
Song 8: The Youth – That’s Your Problem”

…Haha I’d already forgotten about most of that – give it a listen, you monkeys.