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New Punky! posted and Tony’s going to do his best to explain it…

“Get ready for even more time travel madness, as even though Paul and Tony are both away in different parts of europe, they are also still in the UK… Confused? Yes we are. Regardless of that, we still manage to bring you a great Punky featuring great tracks from ZX+, Zombie Garden Club, The Last Confidence, The Decline, Hammercocks, Low Point Drains, The Raydios, The Penetrators and Dirty Fences.

ZX+, Air Out My Shorts, TTN, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments, we have no idea what we did last week, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony talks about his week ahead, Bologna?, Paul talks about Pineda, driving to Spain, Waterloo, Tony get’s his news from the One show, Paul has some great news about The Penetrators and next week’s show will be a couple of days late – expect it around Thursday.

Song 1: ZX+ – Don’t Drink The Water
Song 2: Zombie Garden Club – One Step, Two Step, Three Steps Gone
Song 3: The Last Confidence – Temptations
Song 4: The Decline – You’re Not The Waitress
Song 5: Hammercocks – Cops Come Out
Song 6: Low Point Drains – Come Home
Song 7: The Raydios – My Way Back Home
Song 8: The Penetrators – She’s The Kind Of Girl
Song 9: Dirty Fences – High School Rip”

…Not bad considering he’s not even in the country and in a minute I won’t be either…

Download via or at that iTunes ‘erbert.


Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s Tony with this week’s Punky! update and it’s a…

“Pineda 2015 Special!

This week’s show looks forward to this years Psychobilly festival at Pineda Del Mar in Spain. The music this week features songs from Reverend Horton Heat, Space Cadets, Demented Are Go, The Sharks, Toy Dolls, The Caravans, The Quakes, Coffin Nails and Mad Sin.

The Reverend Horton Heat, Pineda, Helen and Aidy, Tony’s not got your Facebook comments, we are pre-recording the show this week, we talk more about the Psychobilly festival, Tony talks about booking and going on holiday, Time travel fries our brains, Paul talks about his week, (not so) From The Vaults, great guitarists, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Cricket and football, we talk about the week ahead, Tony will be doing nothing – but in style, Paul talks about the Tringe festival, Jeff Uglyshoes, no Izzatwat this week, phrase of the week!, Tony talks about our Cafepress store and finally Skype goes all odd!

Song 1: Reverend Horton Heat – Baddest Of The Bad
Song 2: Space Cadets – Crash Landed
Song 3: Demented Are Go – Human Slug
Song 4: The Sharks – Ghost Train
Song 5: Toy Dolls – I’ve Had Enough O’ Magaluf
Song 6: The Caravans – Psychobilly Popstar
Song 7: The Quakes – Nothing To Say
Song 8: Coffin Nails – Coffin Nails
Song 9: Mad Sin – Plastic Monsters”

He does so much, for so many.

Download via or at that iTunes bloke and all that.

Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s this week’s ripsnorter of a Punky! Radio​ and here’s Tony to tell you all about it, Sam Jackson style…

“After last weeks real life encounter, we relax in our solitary bubbles this week and bring you great songs from Die Dorks, You Want Fox, The Skarekrows, Centurion Sect, The Penetrators, Marijuanal, Gino & The Goons, Luna Sol and Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses.

Last week, The Smears, we talk You Want Fox, Tony has your Facebook comments, Pony?, Nes Cory confuses us, we talk about last week, Tony has his passport, Paul went camping, Cricket, From The Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony is shit at Geography, Route 66, holiday booking, Rhythms of the World, no Izzatwat, we play about with the Tony’s Movie Review theme tune, Tony reviews Kingsmen, RED 2 and a quick reminder of the stations which feature us!

Song 1: Die Dorks – Photosynthese (Swaffeled By Donald)
Song 2: You Want Fox – Bad Girls
Song 3: The Skarekrows – Nightime
Song 4: Centurion Sect – Dogging
Song 5: The Penetrators – Shopping Bag
Song 6: Marijuanal – Alone
Song 7: Gino & The Goons – Got The Skinny
Song 8: Luna Sol – Leadville
Song 9: Frau Blucher & The Drunken Horses – Bastard!”


Download via

Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa! New Punky! Radio​ posted (a day late) by me because I’m still getting over the shock of the below…

“After a brief 4 year hiatus, we finally reunite to bring you another fine example of Punky Radio, featuring 9 great tracks from Zombie Garden Club, Going Away Party, King Automatic, Pulo Revé, Dead Mustangs, K’annibal Woman, Little Albert Feat. Kwokin, Graveyard Johnnys and Fenix Dharma.

How long?, Tony’s house, emo??, Tony has your Facebook comments, Antwerp ring road,Paul’s had help picking some of the music this week, Max Troy!, what did we get up to last week?, Paul had his gigs last week, Hispanic Stomp, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, what are we up to this week?, Tony is booking his holiday, Leon, Paul is going camping, sleeping in your car, Paul touches Tony in a bad place, “Izzatwat” gets technical, can we get a Randy update?, Tony looks a bit like Hunter S Thompson and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Zombie Garden Club – Hey Little Schoolgirl
Song 2: Going Away Party – Quiet Weekend
Song 3: King Automatic – Plan B (Adopt A Lapdancer)
Song 4: Pulo Revé – And There Lies His
Song 5: Dead Mustangs – Teenage Again
Song 6: K’annibal Woman – Ghost People
Song 7: Little Albert Feat. Kwokin – Low Profile
Song 8: Graveyard Johnnys – Dead Transmission
Song 9: Fenix Dharma – HC For Life”

…If you read all the way through that you might it think it’s all about Tony this week. It’s bloody not.

Download NOW via and all that.

Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!

Yet ANOTHER ground breaking Punky! Radio is but now created and here’s Tony with the usuals…

“As we say goodbye to Sepp Blatter, we manage to bring you another great Punky featuring songs from 2 different compilations which you can download for free! Get ready for 9 songs from Not On Tour, Mercy Music, Lisaapeur, Eliza Battle, The Dark Shadows, Primate Joke, Battle Born, Mingawash and Sounds Of Threat.

Paul’s been googling, Boripunk Asso, SquidHat Records, Tony’s got your Facebook comments, we will never get tired…, Eliza Battle, Paul’s been to Oslo, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, French punk, Jean Bleu, we talk about the week ahead, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, “Izzatwat”, mobile cinema and a reminder of the compilations which we featured this week.

Song 1: Not On Tour – Waiting In Line
Song 2: Mercy Music – Painless
Song 3: Lisaapeur – Pas Comme Eux
Song 4: Eliza Battle – Cheers To That
Song 5: The Dark Shadows – Dave Likes Dolls
Song 6: Primate Joke – La Cabane Du Branleur
Song 7: Battle Born – The Killers
Song 8: Mingawash – Chocojeanne
Song 9: Sounds Of Threat – I Don’t Give A Fuck”

He’s like a God, but in man form. he’s a mangod, as opposed to a mango. Amazing what difference a letter makes.

Download NOW via etc.
Apoog! Apoog!