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New Punky! posted and Tony’s going to do his best to explain it…

“Get ready for even more time travel madness, as even though Paul and Tony are both away in different parts of europe, they are also still in the UK… Confused? Yes we are. Regardless of that, we still manage to bring you a great Punky featuring great tracks from ZX+, Zombie Garden Club, The Last Confidence, The Decline, Hammercocks, Low Point Drains, The Raydios, The Penetrators and Dirty Fences.

ZX+, Air Out My Shorts, TTN, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments, we have no idea what we did last week, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony talks about his week ahead, Bologna?, Paul talks about Pineda, driving to Spain, Waterloo, Tony get’s his news from the One show, Paul has some great news about The Penetrators and next week’s show will be a couple of days late – expect it around Thursday.

Song 1: ZX+ – Don’t Drink The Water
Song 2: Zombie Garden Club – One Step, Two Step, Three Steps Gone
Song 3: The Last Confidence – Temptations
Song 4: The Decline – You’re Not The Waitress
Song 5: Hammercocks – Cops Come Out
Song 6: Low Point Drains – Come Home
Song 7: The Raydios – My Way Back Home
Song 8: The Penetrators – She’s The Kind Of Girl
Song 9: Dirty Fences – High School Rip”

…Not bad considering he’s not even in the country and in a minute I won’t be either…

Download via or at that iTunes ‘erbert.