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It’s back! The longest running weekly independent music podcast in the world! (We think). Here’s the record-breaking Tony with the good stuff…
“As well we bringing you the usual dose of Punky goodness, we test to see if Tony’s trending theory is correct. As if that wasn’t interesting enough we also have 9 great songs by Smilex, Crumbsnatchers, The Vermin, Guilty by Associaton, Bleach Boys, Attack Ships On Fire, Peccadilloes, John Kacnhowski and The Virginmarys.
Comedy Suburbs, #tonysmanboobs, Knoxville, Tony has your Facebook comments, the Other Paul B get’s in touch, Facebook song, are we the longest running regular independent podcast in the world?, tingly balls, shopping for jumpers, farting with veg, Paul went to the Punk gig at the Maze, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, The Bleach Boys, April Fools Day, Izzatwat, South Park with Radiohead and we finish on a bit of symmetry.
Song 1: Smilex – Dead Man’s Dirge
Song 2: Crumbsnatchers – Tin Foil friend
Song 3: The Vermin – Girl Says No
Song 4: Guilty by Associaton – Another Day
Song 5: Bleach Boys – H.U.A.
Song 6: Attack Ships On Fire – Double Down Saloon
Song 7: Peccadilloes – Tough Guys
Song 8: John Kacnhowski – The Plan
Song 9: The Virginmarys – Dead Man’s Shoes”
…He’s practically MADE of Guinness…
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it’s Punky! Time again and here’s the (unreconstructed) Tony with another round of ow’s yer father…
“It’s all been a bit testosterone-y recently, so we’re calming down with some lovely ladies. Get ready for great songs from Homes For The Elite, Avenue Z, Street Chant, 87, Lunachicks, Lilith And The Knight, Headstone Horrors, dragSTER and Helen Love.
Devilish Presley, our Graham, Poetry Corner, wine, Tony has your Facebook comments, Right Said Fred, nothing much happened last week, From the Vaults, Lunachicks, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Sound Food and Drink, home stores, comic art, we talk about the Punk weekender at The Maze this weekend in Nottingham, dragSTER, we can but twat and a reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Homes For The Elite – Havitol
Song 2: Avenue Z – Machine A Reves
Song 3: Street Chant – Insides
Song 4: 87 – Shopping Mall
Song 5: Lunachicks – Pretty Ugly
Song 6: Lilith And The Knight – Wake Up
Song 7: Headstone Horrors – The Bite
Song 8: dragSTER – Death By A Thousand Cuts
Song 9: Helen Love – First Girl From Wales In New York City”
…he’ll never learn…
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Goopa! Goopa!
I’m so excited about this week’s show I could spit, so here’s Tony while I find a suitable vestibule…
“Easter is nearly here, but we’re more excited about the upcoming Manchester Punk Festival! This week we feature 9 bands that we’ve never played before – so get ready for some great tracks from Nosebleed, Rideau, The Deadites, Skellums, Tiger, The Marivaux, Gut Model, Rodney Cromwell and New Revival.
How do we start the show?, spelling, Poetry Corner, chock on my cornflakes, Tony has your Facebook comments, Thunderball, Timo gets in touch, Belgian roads, Paul talks about Tiger, From the Vaults, cider, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, long filters, The 5th Element, no Izzatwat, Comedy Suburbs and we remind you of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Nosebleed – It’s Alright
Song 2: Rideau – Bloodshot
Song 3: The Deadites – My Time You Are A-Wasting
Song 4: Skellums – Do Me Wrong
Song 5: Tiger – Shining In The Wood
Song 6: The Marivaux – Ebb And Flow
Song 7: Gut Model – Slime Marriage
Song 8: Rodney Cromwell – You Will Struggle
Song 9: New Revival – New Kid”
…That’s better.
Download via or at iTunes or have a listen online and all that.
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Another cracking week of Punky! nonsense beckons and here’s Tony with the evidence…
“After our first night out in quite some time, we manage to get back to form and bring you nine great tracks from Dead Flowers, Death Party UK, Les Ton Ton Macoutes, Thee Mean Reds, The Kramers, The Punk Poet, The Dirtiest, Perm 36 and Mordwolf.
Dead Flowers, the punk Ringo Starr, lack of Comedy Suburbs, Shiva, Ton Ton Macoutes, Tony has your Facebook comments, dust worrying, we talk about going to see the Bleach Boys, Chip Spice!, From the Vaults, MattyFest, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Sound Food and Drink, school nights, The Punk Poet gets in touch, the week ahead, the warehouse, The Old Angel, DictaTwat, ÎIsle de la Reunion and a quick reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Dead Flowers – Bitter Path
Song 2: Death Party UK – The Devil’s Music
Song 3: Les Ton Ton Macoutes – Oh No!
Song 4: Thee Mean Reds – Lowlife
Song 5: The Kramers – Somebody To Hate
Song 6: The Punk Poet – Punk Rock Stories & Tabloid Tales
Song 7: The Dirtiest – Alarm
Song 8: Perm 36 – DIB M
Song 9: Mordwolf – Love is A Fire”
…Don’t knock him ’til you’ve tried him…
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! It’s that time already! PUNKY TIME! Here’s Tony with the essentials…
“It’s a lot of North and a bit of South this week as we manage to both ignore Europe and bring you 9 great songs from The Muddies, Choke Chains, Black Friday Death Count, Totally Gnarly, The Monsieurs, Horse Party, Little Treasure All Stars, Fifty Foot Combo and Radio Vudu.
Finland, FIFA, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments, Poetry Corner, Pennsylvania, Fresh Prince, what did we do last week?, DIY Mother, Wales, Doctor and the Pastis, the Brecon song, Monsieur, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Manchester Punk Festival, Paul has his Hitchin and Oslo gigs this week, Ghent, no twat…, no Europe…, Tony’s Movie Review, Maze Runner, Battle Royale and we’re off to see the Bleach Boys!
Song 1: The Muddies – Wacko Wacko
Song 2: Choke Chains – She Collects Calendars
Song 3: Black Friday Death Count – Beach Head
Song 4: Totally Gnarly – Poop In My Pants
Song 5: The Monsieurs – Rock The Night
Song 6: Horse Party – Pay Dirt
Song 7: Little Treasure All Stars – Jeremy Kyle
Song 8: Fifty Foot Combo – Wild Man
Song 9: Radio Vudu – Gratta E Vinci”
…He thinks he’s dip you know…
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