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Sorry we’re late with Punky! this week – sick notes available on request. Anyway, the good news is – it’s here now! Here’s Tony to bore you with the details

“This week’s show is a game of 2 halves featuring songs from Mix Market, Victims Of Circumstance, Better Days, Telstar Sound Drone, The Staches, Pete Bentham & The Dinnerladies, El Toro! and The Dead Class.

We’ve had an email from Tim Potter, donations, Cafepress, Tony has your Facebook comments, Pi, Tony finally has his new car, Paul talks about his week, where is my hotel?, Psycho Motel, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Izzatwat! and Tony reminds you of the stations that carry the show!

Song 1: Mix Market – Ready Go
Song 2: Victims Of Circumstance – Girlfriend
Song 3: Better Days – Something To Show
Song 4: Telstar Sound Drone – Evaporation
Song 5: The Staches – You Never Stop
Song 6: Pete Bentham & The Dinnerladies – That London
Song 7: El Toro! – Night Of El Phantom
Song 8: The Dead Class – Euphobia”

Oh he’s lovely, he really is. Download NOW and spread the word – without you, we are NOTHING.

It’s Punky! time and this week it’s an international BONANZA! Here’s Tony with the details…

“We travel the globe this week and bring you great songs from Mr Shiraz, Hammerforce, Valentiine, Still Bust, Peccadilloes, Number 9 Hard, UK Decay and Tukatukas.

We hear from Bill, what a year it’s been, no Facebook comments this week, Tony has your US iTunes reviews, Procreational?, Tony finally has ordered a car, walking and running, Eurovision, Greece, dodgy voting, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about Fire Exit, Tony wants to go see Iron Man 3, Paul’s off to Oslo, Izzatwat is back with a song, Kevin!, Reunion island? and we have a special show for you next week!

Song 1: Mr Shiraz – Educators
Song 2: Hammerforce – I Am I
Song 3: Valentiine – Chucky
Song 4: Still Bust – Squid And Human Are Close To Each Other
Song 5: Peccadilloes – Psykill
Song 6: Number 9 Hard – I Got A Stupid Haircut
Song 7: UK Decay – Shake-Em Up
Song 8: Tukatukas – Revenge”

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Et enfin – Here we go! Punky 401 is here! I’ll let Tony tell you all about it…

“After last week’s celebratory show 400 we enjoy a good sing-a-long this week along with great tracks from Goldblade, Wonk Unit, Ministers Dead, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, RSI, Bleach Boys, Grand Rezerva and Limozine.

Goldblade new album, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Wonk Unit video, terrible weather, Tony has your Facebook comments, Kevin!, Spotify?, Tony talks about his week, Meeting from hell, Paul went to see The Bleach Boys, RSI, new act competition, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we do love to sing, Norway Day, Tony talks briefly about his upcoming week, Tony’s massive email problem, G’s festival, camping? In this weather?, Eurovision, The Worlds End, Iron Man 3, no Izzatwat, we have a competition and Tony sets the question, Councillor Nott and please do review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Goldblade – Sick World
Song 2: Wonk Unit – Elbows
Song 3: Ministers Dead – Human Zoo
Song 4: Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man – Beer For Breakfast
Song 5: RSI – Curly Wurlys
Song 6: Bleach Boys – We Got The Bomb (2008)
Song 7: Grand Rezerva – You Move Me
Song 8: Limozine – You Got It I Want It”

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IT’S SHOW 400 OF NOBODY’S FAVOURITE MUSIC & COMEDY PODCAST and here’s the lovely Tony to tell you all about it…

“Well it’s show 400, but every show is special to us so expect some great music from Lost Cassettes, King Salami & The Cumberland 3, The Spits, Hot Fetish Divas, Komodina 3, Los Vigilantes, Bloodlights and The Rippers.

Bad beds, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, France, Tony has your Facebook comments, we discuss our weeks, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, Rich Morton, acoustic music and fruit, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Goldblade, we talk about the week ahead, no Izzatwat, Happy Birthday to Nic, Paulyb issues both a warning and a threat and a quick reminder on how you can listen.

Song 1: Lost Cassettes – HD1
Song 2: King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – Prissy Prissy
Song 3: The Spits – Take Back The Alley
Song 4: Hot Fetish Divas – My Heroin
Song 5: Komodina 3 – Vavoura & Ohi Pank
Song 6: Los Vigilantes – Volvera
Song 7: Bloodlights – Sure Shot
Song 8: The Rippers – I Was Going Home”

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Look – I’ve got a cold – let Tony tell you about this week’s show AND LEAVE ME ALONE.
“T’was the week before Show 400, when all through the house not a creature was stirring… well except for the 8 monster tracks from Acid Drop, Grand Rezerva, Menic, Komety, The Dukes Of Hamburg, The Great Malarkey, My Great Affliction and The Brains.

Paul’s got a cold, Show 400, Zodiac Mindwarp, Tony has your Facebook comments, will we finally get the interview done for show 400?, Paul talks about his week, party time, cosmic cookies, the night bus to Copenhagen, fruit will sort it out, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony talks briefly about his week, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, please get your twats in for Show 400 – Two Twat Special, Izzatwat and a quick reminder of the great stations that feature us!

Song 1: Acid Drop – New Riot
Song 2: Grand Rezerva – Bring Me The Thunder
Song 3: Menic – Shake My Bones
Song 4: Komety – Nie Moge Prezestac
Song 5: The Dukes Of Hamburg – I Gotta Move
Song 6: The Great Malarkey – Buckets Of Blood
Song 7: My Great Affliction – Good Times To Come
Song 8: The Brains – The Monster Within”

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