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Bit late (two days) advertising this week’s Punky! Radio but better late than never! Here’s Tony with this week’s vital information…

“This week we are joined by special guest Steve. If that’s not enough to tune in then how about songs by Centurion Sect, Heavyball, Baiki, Law And Order, Komety, Men With Ven and Stalins Of Sound.

Mystery listener, Comedy Suburbs, Rem gets in touch, Tony has solutions, Facebook:The Song, Tony has your Facebook comments, 10th birthday plans, Tony’s been grouting, marmite smuggling, Paul freaks Tony, Tony’s International Gig Guide, has the beast moved down the road?, Paul talks about his upcoming week, Cilla Black, Steve falls on the Izzatwat sword and Tony reminds you of the stations that carry us – and a lovely bunch they are.

Song 1: Centurion Sect – Semi Suicidal
Song 2: Heavyball – Black Eye Friday
Song 3: Baiki – Le Glaive Et L’Auréole
Song 4: Law And Order – Violent Waltz
Song 5: Komety – Nerwica Natrectw
Song 6: Men With Ven – I Can Do That
Song 7: Stalins Of Sound – Monkeys Attack
Song 8: Centurion Sect – PJs”

…What would we do without him? LITTLE. Download now via or at that iTunes fella and all that.



New Punky! posted and it’s a gravelly masterpiece! Here’s Tony with the proof…

“This week’s show is another classic slice of greatness featuring great songs from Officer Down, Bob Wayne, KamikazeTest Pilots, The Anomalys, Swampys, Skin The Pig, Damn Vandals and The Derellas.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony doesn’t want you to look behind the curtain, Tony has your Facebook comments, Circle Of Rage?, Tony’s been to the dentist again and now he can’t eat, Paul talks about the Hitchin Comedy Festival, the Belgium connection, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Stayin’ Alive, Paul’s off to Oslo, longest Izzatwat ever and please do review us at iTunes!

Song 1: Officer Down – Light The Torches
Song 2: Bob Wayne – Sam Tucker
Song 3: KamikazeTest Pilots – Patrick
Song 4: The Anomalys – Deadline Blues
Song 5: Swampys – Coffin Maker
Song 6: Skin The Pig – I Rise, You Fall
Song 7: Damn Vandals – Cities Of A Plastic World
Song 8: The Derellas – Rock’N’Rollercoaster”

…Keep him off the crackling and he’ll be good to go…

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Goopa! Goopa!

It’s Punky! Radio’s ninth birthday! I’m not letting Tony off without telling you what’s occurring, though…

“Happy Birthday to us! To help us celebrate our 9th Birthday, yes that’s right our 9TH BIRTHDAY, we are joined in the studio by The Tuesday Club! If that’s not enough to boggle your coggle then get ready for some great songs from The 99ers, The Dustaphonics, Death Party UK, Tuesday Club, TV Eye, Stellarscope, Restless and Useless Eaters.

9 years and still not getting paid, hello to (2/7ths of) The Tuesday Club, Comedy Suburbs, MFC Chicken, Tony has your Facebook comments, why happened to Bear?, we talk to The Tuesday Club, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the 12 bar, we talk soft cheese, World Cup final, no Izzatwat, another quick chat with The Tuesday Club and thanks for listening!

Song 1: The 99ers – Skeeter Hop
Song 2: The Dustaphonics – Rockin’ Boogaloo
Song 3: Death Party UK – The Last Ride
Song 4: Tuesday Club – New Glamour
Song 5: TV Eye – The Royal Family
Song 6: Stellarscope – Overblown
Song 7: Restless – Abracadabra
Song 8: Useless Eaters – I Think She Wants To Find Out”

…Blimey – it really is coggleboggling!

Download NOW via and thanks for listening…


Late again but worth the wait this week – here’s the latest Punky! Radio with a “Music Clout” special and it’s 7/8ths American! Here’s Tony with the good news…

“It’s the final week of the World Cup and we are preparing for a very busy summer, so thankfully this week’s show is a Music Clout special, so get ready for some great tracks from Leapfrogtown, CatsMelvin, Pete Berwick, Harry Nagle, Olio, Easy Company, Cobzweb and Assorted Animals.

Comedy Suburbs, Pineda, Tony has your Facebook comments, are most people on Facebook??, PantyChrist youtube, complimentary Fat Boy, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Hazel Turner, Bowie or Bowie, Germany vs Brazil, Stella Steet, summer festivals, fannies, Jeff Uglyshoes, IzzaPaedo, Aussie films and why not check us out on some of the stations that feature us.

Song 1: Leapfrogtown – Seven
Song 2: CatsMelvin – Wrong Side
Song 3: Pete Berwick – Is That What You’re Telling Me?
Song 4: Harry Nagle – Say What I Want
Song 5: Olio – Get A Room
Song 6: Easy Company – See No Evil
Song 7: Cobzweb – Hammered Down
Song 8: Assorted Animals – Rearview Mirror”

…He’s nailed that descrippo. I don’t know if descrippo is a word. Well it is now – DESCRIPPO.

Paulybx (oh and download via our website or at iTunes)

Goopa! Goopa! here’s this week’s Punky! and we’ve got it down to just two days late (Should be back to normal next week). here’s Tony with some relevant information…

“After last week’s long wait for a show, we bring things nearly back into alignment with another fix of Punky! This week we feature songs from TV Eye, The Anomalys, The Tuesday Club, Useless Eaters, Puff, Circle Of Rage, Thee MVP’S and Death Party UK.

Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fredrik Jonsson, Kevin Smith, Paul talks about the Tring gigs from the weekend, we talk peacocks, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Pineda Psychobilly, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Mandy Knight, Argentina vs Switzerland, a world cup inspired Izzatwat, Gunkabilly and why not listen to some of the stations which carry us?

Song 1: TV Eye – D’n’A
Song 2: The Anomalys – No More!
Song 3: The Tuesday Club – Dolly Dynamite
Song 4: Useless Eaters – Dungeon
Song 5: Puff – Identitatsverlust
Song 6: Circle Of Rage – Fear Does Not Exist In This Dojo
Song 7: Thee MVP’S – Amok Time
Song 8: Death Party UK – Bo Diddly”

…Now waste no more time – download NOW!

Apoog! Apoog!