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Goopa! Goopa!
Goopa! Goopa! Here’s the latest Punky! Radio and it’s a slightly longer one than normal but worth pretty much every second, I’m sure. Tony will furnish you with the relevant bizniz…
“Bremain? Brexit? Punky gives you the facts you need to know. By “need to know” we mean “need to listen” and by facts we of course mean tracks from System Paralysis, Death Party UK, Dead Flowers, Grand Rezerva, Kunoichipanda, Stoj Snak, Seconds To Go, The Zombitones and The Wildhearts.
TBFM listeners, Dutch cheese, Death Party UK, Tony has your Facebook comments, how do you listen?, rustling, the Lemming Protection League get in touch, Swedish thrash, Tony’s band practice, From the Vaults, Kill Bill, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we aren’t doing much this week, the whole EU thing, Chav n Dave, Izzatwat, Euro 16, The Wildhearts and we remind you of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: System Paralysis – Trick Sick Trick
Song 2: Death Party UK – The Ledge
Song 3: Dead Flowers – Lose Myself In You
Song 4: Grand Rezerva – Crimson Ground
Song 5: Kunoichipanda – Hitori Asobi
Song 6: Stoj Snak – Laughter Brings People Together But No-one Wants To Fuck The Funny Guy
Song 7: Seconds To Go – Punch Drunk
Song 8: The Zombitones – Boneyard Boogie
Song 9: The Wildhearts – Nita Nitro Live”
…He’s nailed it!
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
This week’s Punky! deals with all the important matters of the day and also offers another slice of ace alternative msuic – here’s Tony with the vital statistics…
“Another busy week in Punkalonia, so as we take a moment from drafting our constitution we bring you another fine selection from Los Chicos, Mollys Daggers, Crash Induction, The Dodos, Nikkeby Lufthavn, The TiPS, Deposit Man and The Feckless.
Los Chicos, happy birthday Norway, Crash Induction, Tony has your Facebook comments, Dutch cheese, Luton, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, Jim Tavareé, Eurovision, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, right hand men, Roundhouse Punk Weekender, Dusseldorf, we are doing very little this week, twatless, Tony’s Movie Review, white russians and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Los Chicos – Older And Better
Song 2: Mollys Daggers – Shakin’ Like The Leaves On The Trees
Song 3: Crash Induction – Half Rice Half Chips
Song 4: The Dodos – Stress
Song 5: Nikkeby Lufthavn – Living In A Cave
Song 6: The TiPS – Leaving Home
Song 7: Deposit Man – Fat Ass
Song 8: The Feckless – Rejected
Song 9: Los Chicos – Rockpile Of Shit”
…He’s so fine, so fine…
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Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio with our Tony filling in the blanks…

“After last weeks 555th show, we get back to normal this week with show 556. So get ready for standard greatness and superb tracks from Tukatukas, Marnee Mayhem, Devilskin, John Kachnowski, Thee Exit Wounds, Mannequin Death Squad, Helen Love, Centurion Sect and The Witchdoktors.

Reunion Island, Tony talks about editing show 555, Tony has your Facebook comments, what did we do last week?, Newark, Oslo, terrifying Pool, whale, From the Vaults, Thee Exit Wounds, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s solo band practice, we talk about Tony’s old band Alcohol, bubbly passing, Izzatwat and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

Song 1: Tukatukas – Zombie
Song 2: Marnee Mayhem – Facebook
Song 3: Devilskin – Never See The Light
Song 4: John Kachnowski – Get Outta My Head
Song 5: Thee Exit Wounds – Bad Day
Song 6: Mannequin Death Squad – Sick
Song 7: Helen Love – You Can’t Beat A Boy Who Loves The Ramones
Song 8: Centurion Sect – I Am A Drone
Song 9: The Witchdoktors – 7 Days & 7 Nights”

…Hard to question, easy to listen!

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Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!
Punky! Radio hits 555 shows after the best part of eleven years and here’s Tony with the numerical alchemy…
“Well we’ve reached 555 shows, and it’s the 5th of May so get ready for 55 mins and 55 seconds of Punky greatness. This week we feature music by Bad Mary, Faintest Idea, Snide, The Negative Nancys, Down & Outs, Wendy James, Pete Berwick, Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers and The Cavemen.
Show 555, Tony has your Facebook comments, Simon Nott, Fat Boy, concrete mixing, Tenerife, booze and taxis, no gig guide this week, word of the week, Wendy James, Paul jusitfies Himself, Paul’s upcoming gigs, Pete Berwick or is it Berwick?, no izzatwat, Comedy Suburbs, Original Source, a final website twist and will Tony manage to edit the show down to 55 minutes and 55 seconds?
Song 1: Bad Mary – Hanging Around
Song 2: Faintest Idea – Cocktails
Song 3: Snide – Miserable Bitch
Song 4: The Negative Nancys – Vegan Strip Club Riot
Song 5: Down & Outs – Doledays & Saveways
Song 6: Wendy James – Bad Intentions And A Bit Of Cruelty
Song 7: Pete Berwick – Renegade
Song 8: Hipbone Slim And The Kneetremblers – Number One Son
Song 9: The Cavemen – Rides With The Reich”h
Song 9: The Cavemen – Rides With The Reich”hs. Thanks to EVERYONE who has supported the show over the years and don’t forget to download via or at iTunes or the suchlike.
Apoog! Apoog!