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Goopa! Goopa!
I’m still shaking the Maltese dust off my particulars so here’s Tony with a January punkfest…
“Heg Tollo! It’s a new year and a whole new Punky… well… it’s certainly a new year. Don’t panic, we still bring you a great set of songs from Stiff Little Fingers, Cheerbleederz, Johnny Mafia, Snake Rattlers, The Rippers, Watts, Death Party UK, Dot Dash and Weird Omen.
Stiff Little Fingers, Heg Tollo video, Tony has your Facebook comments, Simon Nott, iTunes reviews, Jen? Glen?, last week, Tony talks about being back at work, Apocalypse Babys, Paul went to Malta, creepy Jesus, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, PGOTW, next week, speed awareness, Dr Goth, tax office, Izzatwat and a reminder of the stations which feature us.
Song 1: Stiff Little Fingers – What If I Want More?
Song 2: Cheerbleederz – Staying Up Late
Song 3: Johnny Mafia – On The Edge
Song 4: Snake Rattlers – Do The Rattle Rock
Song 5: The Rippers – Here Comes The Lunatic
Song 6: Watts – Breaking Glass
Song 7: Death Party UK – Voodoo Eyes
Song 8: Dot Dash – Unfair Weather
Song 9: Weird Omen – Girls Are Dancing On The Highway”
He’s a tax deductible super riffer!
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
I’m a day late with this so waste any longer typing than is necessary – here’s Tony with the lead solo…
“Tony has some exciting news this week that threatens to keep him busy next year. So whilst we get our heads around that fact we still manage to bring you nine great songs from Bad Mojos, Autogramm, Iggy & The Stooges, Apocalypse Babys, Buzzcocks, Märvel, The Creepshow, Millie Manders & The Shut Up and Perjury.
Comedy Suburbs, beds, Iggy, Cherry Red, Tony has your Facebook comments, TCOBS, Bacon Bishops, last week, The Apocalypse Babys, 2019 gigs, RIP Pete Shelley, Buzzcocks, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, The Bleach Boys, PGOTW, Not Glen, this week, Tony will be interviewing, Nutty Nottingham walking tour this Sunday, drunk in Castle Donington?, Manchester Punk Festival, no Izzatwat this week, Podchaser and Spotify and are you listening Paul Jordan?
Song 1: Bad Mojos – Out Of Control
Song 2: Autogramm – Small Town
Song 3: Iggy & The Stooges – I Got A Right
Song 4: Apocalypse Babys – Where Have All The Punkettes Gone
Song 5: Buzzcocks – Fast Cars
Song 6: Märvel – Sultans Of Swing
Song 7: The Creepshow – Death At My Door
Song 8: Millie Manders & The Shut Up – Lollipops
Song 9: Perjury – On The Run”
…He’s a musical whirlwind…
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Goopa! Goopa!
Here’s another show from Punky! Radio and Tony with the altogether…
“The World Cup is over, and we are feeling a distinct lack of sporting events at the moment. So let’s get on with nine great songs from Crashed Out, The Hard Toms, The Swindells, Ringleaders, King Automatic, Hey Honcho And The Aftermaths, The Zipheads, The Callas With Lee Ranaldo and Union Morbide.
Captain Oi, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uglyshoes, last week, Tony talks about Ste’s wedding, acoustic gigs, World Cup, France, another great band at The Lion, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, PGOTW, 3 Stone Monkey, The New Waves bed, this week, So long Solo, Izzatwat, a little bit of brexit, Podchaser, Union Morbide and a reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Crashed Out – Just Another Gig
Song 2: The Hard Toms – it’s Not Unusual
Song 3: The Swindells – Same Old
Song 4: Ringleaders – Gold Coast Woman
Song 5: King Automatic – Drunk Friends
Song 6: Hey Honcho And The Aftermaths – Can’t Stand the Pain
Song 7: The Zipheads – Matter Of Time
Song 8: The Callas With Lee Ranaldo – Acid Books
Song 9: Union Morbide – Old Punk”
He’s such a great individual….
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Goopa! Goopa!
I’ve been whooping it up down at my mum’s caravan on the South Coast so excuse the tardiness but here, finally, is Tony with the news about this week’s show…
“As the World Cup finally begins, and Punky is but one show away from our 666th, we celebrate by bringing you another nine great songs from Subsonics, Bloodcocks UK, Archie And The Bunkers, King Kurt, Static Kill, 3 Stone Monkey, Headstone Horrors and 2 tracks from Vice Squad.
Sunday lunchtime?, Bloodcocks UK, Tony has your Facebook comments, Archie And The Bunkers, Julianne, last week, Tony’s been working, Paul talks about his week, the Texan, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week!, The Maze, Static Kill, the Foremans Shandy, the week ahead, Tony will be….. working, Paul’s off to Bournemouth, The World Cup!, Paul’s new Nottingham Tour, shop lifting, Izzatwat and we end with news of show 666…
Song 1: Vice Squad – Electronic Eye
Song 2: Subsonics – Too Much Too Many Heartaches
Song 3: Bloodcocks UK – Backdoor Frankie
Song 4: Archie And The Bunkers – She’s A Rockin’ Machine
Song 5: King Kurt – Gather Your Limbs
Song 6: Static Kill – People
Song 7: 3 Stone Monkey – Sex, Violence And Profanity
Song 8: Headstone Horrors – Like The Morgue
Song 9: Vice Squad – Hard Times”
…He’s there for you even when I’m not…
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Goopa! Goopa!

Our latest show is a rather bijou affair at only 50 minutes and here’s Tony to tell you all about it…

“After last weeks madness we are still struggling to get back to some kind of Punky norm. So kick back with your slippers and let’s relax with a rather spiffing selection of songs from Buzzbomb, Gogo Loco, Deathsex Bloodbath, Drink And Drive, Sultans Of Ping FC, Knash, Reverend Beat Man And The New Wave, Subsonics and Migraines.

We are fried, Dukes Arms, Tony has your Facebook comments, Jen Glen Glen Jen?, Punky Radio pub crawl, Deathsex Bloodbath, last week, a night out with the Buttons, is Foremans the smallest pub in Nottingham?, Karaoke, whiskey and burnt eggs, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, this week, Tony is in Essen currently, Roy Orbison, Paul’s Hitchin show is this Saturday, no Izzatwat again, please do review us at iTunes and a reminder of the stations which carry us.

NOTE: Next weeks show may be a couple of days late. It should be available by Thursday 7th June.

Song 1: Buzzbomb – Existential Crisis
Song 2: Gogo Loco – Rattle Your Mind
Song 3: Deathsex Bloodbath – Do Better
Song 4: Drink And Drive – Adult Pig Suit
Song 5: Sultans Of Ping FC – Kick Me With Your Leather Boots
Song 6: Knash – Space, Dude
Song 7: Reverend Beat Man And The New Wave – I’m Not Gonna Tell You
Song 8: Subsonics – Why Should Anybody Care At All
Song 9: Migraines – Execution”


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Goopa! Goopa!
I’m on a self inflicted booze addled breakdwon so here’s Tony with this week’s Punky! Radio essentials…
“This week it’s one of those rare Punky’s where we are joined by live studio guests! As if our two extra guests weren’t enough to satisfy you, we also bring you nine great songs from Cocksparrer, Jointpop, Last Day Sect, The Human Project, Rochee And The Sarnos, Reverse Family, Klammer, Gunt and The Zipheads.
We welcome Mr and Mrs Buttons, Air Out My Shorts, Jointpop, Tony has your Facebook comments, Simon Nott, we get treated to a live version of the Facebook jingle, Red Tony, Last Week, The Pelham, post Pelham shenanigans, From the Vaults, Paul’s kitchen is beeping, Tony’s International Gig Guide, it’s all about Tony, Franz Klammer, Austria, Tony talks about his upcoming holiday, Bottrop, Paul’s off to Oslo, Buttons talks about Gunt, when Tony took control of a radio station, no Izzatwat this week, how to start a fire with water and we end on a great song from The Zipheads.
Song 1: Cocksparrer – What’s It Like To Be Old
Song 2: Jointpop – Amplify
Song 3: Last Day Sect – The Witch House
Song 4: The Human Project – That One Percent
Song 5: Rochee And The Sarnos – A Song For Swinging Lovers
Song 6: Reverse Family – We Are The Team
Song 7: Klammer – Modern God
Song 8: Gunt – Death Angel
Song 9: The Zipheads – You’ve Got To Pick A Pocket Or Two”
…He’s quite simply awesome. AWESOME!
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Goopa! Goopa!
Punky!’s here again with more top tracks and balderdash so best we let Tony tell you all about it…
“As we put this years Eurovision behind us, we refocus towards the upcoming world cup… that’s a fair wait so in the meantime lets get on with bringing you nine great songs from Bloodcocks UK, Deathsex Bloodbath, ASTPAI, Chronic Twilight, Altered Images, Bouquet Of Dead Crows, Forever Unclean, Punka and The Hard Toms.
Bloodcocks, symmetry failure, Deathsex Bloodbath, Depeche(é) Mode, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, Tony has a solo band practice, wedding gig, Avengers, Paul nearly got the sack, Eurovision stage invader, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week, Bunched Up Bradley, the week ahead, work and prep, Preston Buttons, Air Out My Shorts, Battle of Hastings, no Izzatwat this week, a late Comedy Suburbs and a reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Bloodcocks UK – Ratzilla
Song 2: Deathsex Bloodbath – Let’s Rock
Song 3: ASTPAI – Best Years
Song 4: Chronic Twilight – Misfortune Of Me
Song 5: Altered Images – Insects
Song 6: Bouquet Of Dead Crows – Bunched Up Bradley
Song 7: Forever Unclean – Words
Song 8: Punka – Angry All The Time
Song 9: The Hard Toms – Love Me Tonight”
…He’s delectable…
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Apoog! Apoog!