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Here’s this week’s HALLOWE’EN Punky! Radio and scary Tony with the details…
“It’s that special time of year again where Punky! proves itself to be the finest purveyor of Halloween tunes and this year is no different as we bring you tracks from The Bones, Oh! Gunquit, King Automatic, Headstone Horrors, The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black, Scanner, Graveyard Johnnys, Brigitte Handley and Cash Registers.
Halloween jokes?, Oh! Gunquit’s origin, Tony’s has your Facebook comments, Random Hand, talking after two, Headstone Horrors, date night!, Tony talks about his week, Paul’s moving but where to?, Paul talks about his RAF gig last week, best and worst bar staff ever, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony may try and get away this weekend, Paul talks about the upcoming move, Doctor Who, Brigitte Handley, Jeremy Clarkson, a historical Izzatwat, Paul talks about his relationship with Time, we discuss Vampire In Brooklyn and please do review us at iTunes!
Song 1: The Bones – Ms Mortuary
Song 2: Oh! Gunquit – Voodoo Meat Shake
Song 3: King Automatic – The Beginner Witch
Song 4: Headstone Horrors – Frankenstein’s Girl
Song 5: The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black – Chopsley, Rabid Bikini Model
Song 6: Scanner – Just Like Bela
Song 7: Graveyard Johnnys – Little Witch
Song 8: Brigitte Handley – Sleeping With A Vampyre
Song 9: Cash Registers – Vampire On My Block”
I love that man – make sure you download and give it a listen (And if you find a better Hallowe’en podcast, let me know…)
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Well, here we go again with another week of Punky! and who better than Tony to furnish your requirements…

“We are all over the place this week, Paul is getting used to his new teeth and Tony embraces trending… luckily we have nine great songs from The Kirkz, Losers After Midnight, MFC Chicken, Chuggaboom, The Rippers, Hexthrower, Centurion Sect, Svetlanas and Manifa.

Paul’s Teeth, we have a couple of messages, The Scurge, we’re confused by Apple iTunes charges, Dirty Water Records, Tony has your Facebook comments, Unofficial Openings, Chuggaboom, Tony’s busy doing house stuff again, Paul went to see Devilish Presley, anal pain, recording the show on a Monday, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Paul’s doing a gig for the RAF, shuffle, A-Izzatwat, Hasselhoff and we send respect to Ryan Giggs and Gary Neville!

Song 1: The Kirkz – Crucified
Song 2: Losers After Midnight – Pterodactyl Attack
Song 3: MFC Chicken – 29 Bus
Song 4: Chuggaboom – That Time When I Made Out With Your Sister
Song 5: The Rippers – Into My Trap
Song 6: Hexthrower – Into The Unknown
Song 7: Centurion Sect – Kill Bill
Song 8: Svetlanas – Father Frost
Song 9: Manifa – El Gran Circo Del Rock”

…He’s nifty.

Download NOW via

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Here’s the latest Punky! Radio and the music is BRILLIANT. Don’t take my word for it though – take Tony’s…

“It’s been quite an eventful week, and Paul has had a bit of a dental nightmare. Even though he has quite a few less teeth than on previous shows – we still manage to bring you another great nine songs from Fujiwara, The Manic Shine, The Chords UK, The Offenders, Argy Bargy, Random Hand, The Heiz, Bouquet Of Dead Crows and Smokey Bastard.

Paul has some dental news, Tony has your Facebook comments, iTunes, Snow Patrol, Spotify, Tony went to Birmingham again last week, UK Construction week, Paul is back to watching England play football, From the vaults!, Argy Bargy, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Paul will be trying to avoid talking, Tony had a flat tyre, Izzatwat update!, Paul’s song of the year so far and please don’t forget to leave us an iTunes review!

Song 1: Fujiwara – F’ed Up Situation
Song 2: The Manic Shine – Orbit
Song 3: The Chords UK – I Can’t Let Go
Song 4: The Offenders – Harsh Reality
Song 5: Argy Bargy – I’ll Be There For You
Song 6: Random Hand – Death By Pitchforks
Song 7: The Heiz – SOS Rock’n’Roll
Song 8: Bouquet Of Dead Crows – The Fundamental Flaw Of Solitude
Song 9: Smokey Bastard – Baba Yaga”

…He’s been more helpful., to be honest.

Anyway, download via

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It’s another week, it’s another Punky. Here’s Tony with the all-important…
“Halloween is clearly just around the corner as this week the first sign of the apocalypse has come true, that’s right – Tony has actually gone out to something other than work or B & Q! To help get over this shock – we bring you nine great tracks from Black Jack, Indytronics, Cats Melvin, Voice Of Addiction, KDV Deviators, Pronto, Falcon Down, Red Money and Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics.
RIP Black Jack, Paul has a visual joke, The Ukraine, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony went to see Weird Al Yankovic, From the vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we discuss the A505, Devilish Presley, the long dark road…, we talk about the week ahead, Paul is going to be watched the England match, Rugby…, Paul went to Oslo, Ryanair, most famous people from Mansfield, please do email your twats to, Macbeth, Tony’s Movie Review and please do review us at iTunes as soon as you can!
Song 1: Black Jack – Ignorance Is Bliss
Song 2: Indytronics – Mighty One
Song 3: Cats Melvin – Wrong Side
Song 4: Voice Of Addiction – Modern Day Meltdown
Song 5: KDV Deviators – Deviator Zone 666
Song 6: Pronto – Don’t Pick Me Up
Song 7: Falcon Down – Blink Blink
Song 8: Red Money – Chase Me
Song 9: Thunderfuck And The Deadly Romantics – Scream My Name”
…We’re ALL lost without him.
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