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Brand new Punky! Radio and we have (in modern parlance) SMASHED IT this week. Read down and find out why (via the lovely Tony)…

“Another week and another spicy slice of Punky with succulent stuff from Rochee & The Sarnos, Lucifer Star Machine, The Kut, Swingin’ Utters, Bleach Boys, Arm Your Enemy, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons and Tall Boys.

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Song 1: Rochee & The Sarnos – Defrocked Priest
Song 2: Lucifer Star Machine – For Reasons Unknown
Song 3: The Kut – No Trace
Song 4: Swingin’ Utters – Poorly Formed
Song 5: Bleach Boys – Death Squad Bitches
Song 6: Arm Your Enemy – We’re All Alright
Song 7: Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons – Mirtazapine
Song 8: Tall Boys – Copyright The Design”

…Well don’t just sit there – listen to it! or at that iTunes wannabe.



Goopa! Goopa!

Here we are, then – this week’s serving up of alt. rock goodness, brought to you by a couple of naked chefs. Tony will now supply you with the bare bones…

“A fully loaded show this week along with a public service message regarding the evils of cider as well as great songs from Random Conflict, The Dandelion, The Liberty Underground, PYPY, MFC Chicken, Evan Russell Saffer, The Blue Valentines and Nightmare Boyzzz.

Comedy Suburbs, competition entries and winner announced, Tony has your Facebook comments, folkmonkey, Tony has plumbing problems, Paul talks about the Dirty Water Dance Party, Cider dancer, bus replacement service, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul’s off to Oslo, Izzatwat!, Twatendum and Nightmare Boyzzzzzzzzzzz.

Song 1: Random Conflict – Fools Die
Song 2: The Dandelion – Plebeian Love Vibration
Song 3: The Liberty Underground – Never Let Up
Song 4: PYPY – Molly
Song 5: MFC Chicken – Wine, Women And Rock & Roll
Song 6: Evan Russell Saffer – Best In Me
Song 7: The Blue Valentines – Swamp
Song 8: Nightmare Boyzzz – You Have No Friends”

Here’s got a problem with his plumbing, you know…

Download NOW via or at that iTunes lad.



Goopa! Goopa!

Here we are again, then, with our first genuine new Punky! show of the New Year. have it large – we have. Here’s Tony with the details…

“Well 2014 is definitely up and running now as we bring you another great (and on time) show featuring songs from Swampys, Genuine Hick, Damn Vandals, Vitne, Tall Boys, Disjecta Membra, Hit Me Baby and Long Tall Texans.

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Song 1: Swampys – Valley Of The Dead
Song 2: Genuine Hick – Wrong Turn
Song 3: Damn Vandals – Twist And Tangle
Song 4: Vitne – To The Sky
Song 5: Tall Boys – I Come From Another Planet Baby
Song 6: Disjecta Membra – Death By Discotheque
Song 7: Hit Me Baby – Oops!
Song 8: Long Tall Texans – Kamikaze Killer”

Download NOW via or at that iTunes clown.

All the best,


Goopa! Goopa!

It’ s our first show of the New Year and here’s Tony with the details!

To celebrate the new year and fantastic new years weather we bring you some cheery tunes from Opened Paradise, Haflinger Allergie, Oltretomba, Mescaline Babies, Wieze Fabryk, Coldwave, Escarlatina Obsessiva and El Viejo Matadero.

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Song 1: Opened Paradise – Sensless
Song 2: Haflinger Allergie – Medication
Song 3: Oltretomba – Safe For two
Song 4: Mescaline Babies – Sylicon Knifes
Song 5: Wieze Fabryk – Papieros
Song 6: Coldwave – Life Changes
Song 7: Escarlatina Obsessiva – Place In A Trance
Song 8: El Viejo Matadero – La Puta Del Cementerio

He’s so sweet, the little tinker.

Download NOW via or at that iTunes woman.