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Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio in a nutshell…

“This week we celebrate St Georges day with some very different tracks from Bazooka, Better Days, Rot Jaws, The Hussy, Komodina 3, The Scurge, Black Dawn and Thompson Twins (!)

St Georges Day = Variety!, Tony has your Facebook comments, Where is Luke?, the Thatcher show, Tony has been hunting for his driving license, Block Party videos, Paul’s been to Crete, Ouzo, we talk about Komodina 3, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the 12 bar, The Scurge, Tony talks about dental issues, beards, Paul’s off to Scandinavia, Tom Baldy, Izzatwat and a surprising final song.

Song 1: Bazooka – Mr. George
Song 2: Better Days – Cool Out Man
Song 3: Rot Jaws – The Eton Stain
Song 4: The Hussy – Wrong Right
Song 5: Komodina 3 – Agria Paidia
Song 6: The Scurge – Jim
Song 7: Black Dawn – Suicidal Groove
Song 8: Thompson Twins – Vendredi Saint”

…It’s not for the faint hearted…

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Politicised dogma? That’s like SO seven days ago. “Maggie Who?” we cry and get on with some top tunes in a Manilla PR/FOLC double-special! Here’s Tony with the lowdown…

“After last weeks punky assault, get ready for songs from Limozine, The Tuesday Club, Valentiine, Evanstar, Phantom Keys, Midnight Wolf, Los Chicos (Acoustic) and The Government.

Manilla PR, the time space continuum feels off, record store day, Tony has your Facebook comments, dark Hole, confusing times, Tony has your US iTunes reviews, FOLC records, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Sooty and Sweep, Paul’s off to Crete, we’re high on the new and notable on UK iTunes, Paul has your UK iTunes reviews, an “Izzatwat” we just can’t argue with and Tony reminds you of the great stations that feature us.

Song 1: Limozine – Balls Hot Mama
Song 2: The Tuesday Club – Wish My Slate Was Cleaner
Song 3: Valentiine – Love Like
Song 4: Evanstar – Wounds
Song 5: Phantom Keys – Gloria’s Nightmare
Song 6: Midnight Wolf – Ballaré Sobre Tu Tumba
Song 7: Los Chicos (Acoustic) – Free Time Romeo
Song 8: The Government – Footstomper”

Give it a listen at CHEERS!

On the latest Punky! Radio Tony et moi debate Thatcher and get massively 80s Punk Rocky. Let’s ‘Ave it!

We get a little political and a lot punk as we react to the news that margaret Thatcher is no more. Suitable songs provided by Resistance 77, Apocalypse Babys, Verbal Warning and Riot Squad.

We talk a little bit about The Iron Lady, Tony has your Facebook comments, a joke!, local agitator, we read an intro as an outro, Tony’s carless, walking sucks, Paul talks about his week, kebab shop aggro, Riot Squad, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul mentions this Fridays Hancox gig, Paul talks about his week ahead, Crete, Paul recites one of his poems (off the top of his head), our first Posthumous Izzatwat and please do review us at iTunes.

Song 1: Resistance 77 – Rich And Hated
Song 2: Apocalypse Babys – Consumed By Hate
Song 3: Verbal Warning – Your Cities Will Burn
Song 4: Riot Squad – Racial Hate
Song 5: Riot Squad – Violence On The Streets
Song 6: Verbal Warning – Consumer Society
Song 7: Apocalypse Babys – Sucking The Dick Of America
Song 8: Resistance 77 – Long Time Dead

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Here’s Tony’s view on this week’s Punky! Radio – it’s accurate…

After a pretty full on week for our globe trotting pair we relax with more pretty full on music by Los Vigilantes, Paint Fumes, Dirty Parlé, Sounds Of Swarmi, No Frontiers, The KDV Deviators, Livids and Las Ardillas.

Spanish band singing Japanese!, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, naughty Dirty Parle, Tony’s ventured outside his postcode, Paul talks about his gig from last week, Burlesque, Paul’s rather impressive food and drink binge, egg shortage, Tony’s International Gig Guide part 1, we issue a challenge to Aubrey’s band, Tony’s cats, car go bye bye, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Tony’s International Gig Guide part 2, Paul’s Berocca song and don’t forget to review us at iTunes!

Song 1: Los Vigilantes – Kimi No Kage
Song 2: Paint Fumes – Ghost Highway
Song 3: Dirty Parlé – Death By Life
Song 4: Sounds Of Swarmi – Surfing The Cesspool
Song 5: No Frontiers – Worth Not Enough
Song 6: The KDV Deviators – Out Of Orbit
Song 7: Livids – Your House Or The Courthouse
Song 8: Las Ardillas – Linda Nina

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