Listen to me

Here’s a link to my Soundcloud page with free downloads to some of my old songs. I’ll put more up as time goes on as I do want to share them. Some of them are quite odd and were never performed live but you might enjoy them! Soundcloud

I’ve got a new CD out and it’s well good. I’m pretty pleased with it. It’s got sixteen tracks on it, is quite rude and makes an ideal gift for someone you don’t like. You can buy it for £7 (inc. postage) within the UK or for a bit more if you’re further away. You can also get it off me at gigs for a fiver, but that involves you coming to see me live, which you might be a bit scared to do. It’s now available on CDBaby via here Get My CD NOW!

Here it is. It’s called “Songs In The Key Of Death”

Track listing: Things In Tins / Everyone I Like Is Dead / Married Men Are More Prepared To Die / Modern Comedians / Tiny Handed Girlfriend / Michael Mcintyre’s Roadshow / We’re The Unemployed / Hanging Around In My Pants / This F***ing Guitar / That Prick Must Die / I Blame Pam Ayres / Everybody Dies / Goths On Holiday / Norwegian Disco / Jo’s Golden World Of YES! / Breachwood Bragg