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Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio details and it’s an “Assault And BATtery” special with eight tracks culled from their fantastic forty five song compilation in aid of the Bat World bat sanctuary. I’ll let our Tony fill you in…

“This weeks show is an Assault & BATtery special featuring fine songs from Texas Terri Bomb!, Memphis Mike And The Legendary Tremblers, Henry Cluney, The Upshots, Redliners, The Mescaline Babies, Trailer Park Cowboys and Pantychrist.

Texas Terri Bomb!, we talk about the Assault and BATtery compilation, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Scurge, old shows, Henry Cluney, quick maths, Tony talks about the band that wanted him to join, Paul went to Oslo, Tony’s International Gig Guide, a text of complaint, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, no Izzatwat, Tony has your US iTunes reviews and a reminder of how you can listen online!

Song 1: Texas Terri Bomb! – Never Shut Up
Song 2: Memphis Mike And The Legendary Tremblers – Little Juliet
Song 3: Henry Cluney – Electric Blue
Song 4: The Upshots – Three Chord Opera
Song 5: Redliners – Everyone Looks Better At Night
Song 6: The Mescaline Babies – Ashtray Head
Song 7: Trailer Park Cowboys – Still Know Her Name
Song 8: Pantychrist – No Gods, No Masters”

…He is a FINE man…

Download via or at iTunes or more imaginateively.



Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio details and it’s definitely not a St. Patrick’s Special – Here’s Tony with the proof…

“Well it’s that time of year again when we don’t mention St Patric’ks day. Instead we bring you the usual greatness with tracks from Viki Vortex And The Cumshots, The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs, Zombina And The Skeletones, The Movements, Baby Woodrose, Komety, Atomic Age and Wonk Unit.

Comedy Suburbs – don’t forget to email, Paul’s had a Tony week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Music Clout, our Graham, Tony’s tech talk meetup, Tony’s been asked to join a band, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s off to see Crazy Steve, Unit 5, Paul’s off to Oslo, Tony’s new feature “What’s your favourite stout” gets off to a strong start and we end with an interesting fact!

Song 1: Viki Vortex And The Cumshots – Window Shopping
Song 2: The Dagg Nabbit Stubbs – Devil’s Dance Party
Song 3: Zombina And The Skeletones – Don’t Go Into The Light
Song 4: The Movements – Yesterday, Now And Forever
Song 5: Baby Woodrose – Good Day To Die
Song 6: Komety – Bal Nadziei
Song 7: Atomic Age – Waiting For The Comet
Song 8: Wonk Unit – The Trail”

…He is beyond the concept of most men…

Download NOW via or at that iTunes chappie.



Punky! Radio 11/3/14 Viva Crow!

Posted: March 11, 2014 in punky radio

Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s Tony with the inside information on this week’s Punky! Radio – little bit less punk and a little bit more rock this week, but a doozy, regardless…

“It’s a Music Clout special this week (fueled in no small part by Pickled Onion Monster Munch), featuring songs from Nero Zero, Gaddafi Castro, Dingo Down, James J. Turner, Abandin All Hope, Forever Town, Nite Wolf and Wood Shampoo.

Music Clout, ‘keeple’, Tony has your Facebook comments, we clear up last week’s poo confusion, Stansted, lemon curd, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, Bentley, Tony’s International Gig Guide, infotainment, tech meet up and beer, we talk stout, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, zero twat time, Paul has your UK iTunes reviews and do you fancy going to a gig this weekend?

Song 1: Nero Zero – My Own Addiction
Song 2: Gaddafi Castro – Sonic A Go-Go
Song 3: Dingo Down – Red Dinosaur
Song 4: James J. Turner – How Could We Be Wrong
Song 5: Abandin All Hope – Uh Oh
Song 6: Forever Town – Soul Rebel Sinner
Song 7: Nite Wolf – Walkin’ My Dog
Song 8: Wood Shampoo – Where’s The Party, Earthling?”

…He’s an orange in a world of lemons. Download via

Cheers, Paulybx

Apoog! Apoog!

Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio listing and my lovely mate Tony to tell you about it…

“A little late but still great this week with songs from Zombina And The Skeletones, Wonk Unit, The Tuesday Club, Radium Cats, The Phlegm and Adios Pantalones.

Zombina album, Poetry Corner, Wonk Unit album, Tony does not have your Facebook comments this week, iTunes reviews, Paul talks about his week, poo pains, Radium Cats apology, poster child for a shit generation, Tony’s International Gig Guide, pancake day, Tony’s off to watch Her, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Wonk Unit video, Izzatwat and do remember to backup!

Song 1: Zombina And The Skeletones – That Doll Just Tried To Kill Me
Song 2: Wonk Unit – The Blonde
Song 3: The Tuesday Club – New Glamour
Song 4: Radium Cats – Idol With A Golden Head
Song 5: The Phlegm – Winters Day
Song 6: Adios Pantalones – Psycho Killer
Song 7: Wonk Unit – I Love My Nagging Wife
Song 8: Zombina And The Skeletones – Born Without A Head”

…You’ll never catch him – you might try – But you’ll NEVER catch him…

Download via etc. Cheers, Paulybx