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Goopa! Goopa!
Here’s another cracking little Punky and Tony to bring it into the world…
“Blimey it’s almost February of 224 x 9, and welcome to a show full of Facebook friendly but still fantastic songs from Bazooka, Little Treasure All Stars, Avenue Z, Skaciety, CrashDollz, The Arrogants, Red Mass, The Country Dark and Cabbage.
Greece, Little Treasure All Stars get in touch, Tony has your Facebook comments, Fat Boy makes a surprising annoucement, we hear from Ann K, Skaciety, Judge Mental, Hateful Eight, hairdressers, alternative pub crawl, Trivium, From the Vaults, CrashDollz, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony is travelling to various places this week, Hallowe’en, Izzatwat, Le Chou and Tony has had a bit of a complaint about his anti Snow Patrol stance.
Song 1: Bazooka – Mageika Dachtila
Song 2: Little Treasure All Stars – Razzle Dazzle
Song 3: Avenue Z – Pile Ou Face
Song 4: Skaciety – Step Back (Take A Look Around)
Song 5: CrashDollz – Bad Taste Barbie
Song 6: The Arrogants – I’m No Fuckin’ Mozart
Song 7: Red Mass – Noir Et Blanc
Song 8: The Country Dark – Useless (Like Tits On A Boar)
Song 9: Cabbage – Kevin”
…It’s truly remarkable that he’s not a bigger star…
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Apoog! Apoog!