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I’m just posting this because it is so ridiculous. I was finishing my Edinburgh show with a little dance, before leaping over the monitors to run to the back of the room in a dramatic departure, until this happened. Excuse the shocking quality of the clip but it does give me a ghostly state – And I was close to being one. I eacaped with no injuries whatsoever, miraculously…

Space Ghost Face Plant

It lives! Punky! Radio’s Squidhat special! Read the words of Tony below!

“Paul’s back from Edinburgh and Tony’s back from the void – so get ready for some great songs from The Dirty Panties, The Gashers, Pet Tigers, The Quitters, The Peoples Whiskey, Guilty By Association, Surrounded By Thieves and Bloodcocks UK.

Husky Pauly, Squid Hat Records, Poetry Corner, sexy priest, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Kazoo, Punk from Marv, Breaking Bad binge, Paul talks about Edinburgh, Lorraine Chase, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul’s got some time off this week in the mighty Bournemouth, Tony’s not moving a muscle, Game of thrones?, Space Ghost Face Plant, Izzatwat!, Paul has an additional twat and Tony reminds you about those lovely stations which feature us!

Song 1: The Dirty Panties – Confighted
Song 2: The Gashers – Panic
Song 3: Pet Tigers – Shoe
Song 4: The Quitters – Gulf Coast Beach Party
Song 5: The Peoples Whiskey – Pills
Song 6: Guilty By Association – Break Me
Song 7: Surrounded By Thieves – Red White Fuck You
Song 8: Bloodcocks UK – Girls”

Download NOW via or at iTunes and all that…

Well, it’s been a while, but here’s the latest “Special” from Punky! Radio, featuring badly recorded interviews, rubbish jokes and GREAT music. Here’s Tony to tell you about it…

“Paulyb’s still up in Edinburgh and Tony’s recovering from surgery, yet again by the magic of the time travel we manage to bring you an Inkfest Special filled to the top with great songs from Uk Subs, Zipheads, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons, Frenzy, King Kurt, Paul B Edwards, Dragster and The Highliners.

How this weeks show is going to work, Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons Interview, who needs a bass player?, Frenzy Interview, new album, 30th anniversary, Smeggy, Tony’s International Gig Guide, you can still see Paul in Edinburgh, Dragster Interview, The Highliners Interview, new line up, competition and all back to normal next week!

Song 1: Uk Subs – Failed State
Song 2: Zipheads – Revenge
Song 3: Pussycat & The Dirty Johnsons – Hideous
Song 4: Frenzy – Hero
Song 5: King Kurt – My Business
Song 6: Paul B Edwards – Old Man Blues
Song 7: Dragster – Teenage Motorcycle Killer Gangs From Japan
Song 8: The Highliners – I’m Bad”

Yes, I know – it freaked me out as well. DownLoad NOW CHEERS!

Goopa! Goopa! Trying to get my head round the dynamics of this week’s show will only make my brain melt, so here’s Tony to try and explain it…

“Paulyb’s up in Edinburgh and Tony’s having surgery, yet by the magic of the internet we manage to bring you another healthy dosage of great songs by Weak, Les Terribles, Bee Dee Kay And The Roller Coaster, The Monsters, Washington Dead Cats, The Vibrafingers, Juanitos and TV Killers.

Porn, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your iTunes reviews, cold fusion?, Paul talks about the Kongpilation, Rich Morton, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his gigs this week, Tony talks about what he’ll be doing this week, surgery fun times, Paul mentions his upcoming gigs, time travel is fun, nada de Twata this weeka, Tony bigs up the Cafepress page and a warning that when Tony finally talks about his surgery you will never be able to unhear it.

Song 1: Weak – Motherfucker
Song 2: Les Terribles – C’est Fini
Song 3: Bee Dee Kay And The Roller Coaster – Just A Lie
Song 4: The Monsters – Sever
Song 5: Washington Dead Cats – Spiderman
Song 6: The Vibrafingers – Bananaslip
Song 7: Juanitos – Twist In Hawaii
Song 8: TV Killers – So Fake”

I hope that makes sense. Download NOW via or at iTunes.

Cheers, Paulybx

Apoog! Apooga!

Crikey – it’s another Punky! Radio podcast. Here’s Tony with the stuff you NEED:

Just before Paulyb sets off to Edinburgh we manage to record yet another healthy dose of Punky featuring great songs from Acid Drop, Vinnie & The Stars, Autopsy Boys, Speedshot, Lightning Beat Man, The Tuesday Club, RSI and Tony Hearn.

Punk Rock Diddly Dee, Tony has your Facebook comments, Avast update complete!, Football, Paul talks about the confusion before he even got to Edinburgh, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s cut and paste mistake, pop punk?, Rich Morton, Tony’s operation is next week, Paul talks about Edinburgh, no Izzatwat this week, please do review us at iTunes, Tony talks about his Facebook page and we end with Tony’s nonsense.

Song 1: Acid Drop – Mary Rose
Song 2: Vinnie & The Stars – Paid Slave Blues
Song 3: Autopsy Boys – Crushing On Cynthia Leech
Song 4: Speedshot – Slumber Softly
Song 5: Lightning Beat Man – Wrestling Rock’n’Roll Girl
Song 6: The Tuesday Club – Nanananana
Song 7: RSI – Catch it… Bin it… Kill it
Song 8: Tony Hearn – Tribute To Men Without Hats

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy! Dwonload via or at iTunes and all that.