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Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s one of my favourite Punky!’s of the year and Tony to explain why…

“It’s our yearly between the wars special this week where we feature our favourite tracks from the latter half of 2015. So get ready for some great music from The Dirty Panties,, Mega & The Nyrdz, Smokey Bastard, Random Hand, Escarlatina Obsessiva, Chuggaboom, The Offenders, Headstone Horrors and Limozine.

Between the wars, we’re loud, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul losing his voice, Cat Milker?, Steph’s birthday, Christmas, not From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, does the Beast bother to sound proof?, New Year plans, karaoke, Rock n Blues band, Paul’s off to see Star Wars, 2016, no Izzatwat, Tony’s Movie Review, beware Star Wars SPOILERS and despite laptop issues – we have managed to bring you a show! Happy New Year!

Song 1: The Dirty Panties – Cheers
Song 2: Mega & The Nyrdz – I Lurk
Song 3: Smokey Bastard – Baba Yaga
Song 4: Random Hand – After The Alarm
Song 5: Escarlatina Obsessiva – Primal Beast
Song 6: Chuggaboom – Smoke Rings Of Saturn
Song 7: The Offenders – Martens Style
Song 8: Headstone Horrors – Silent Moonlight
Song 9: Limozine – Fuck It Let’s Rock”

…He has his moments. Hope you enjoy 2016!

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Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!
It’s time for a (Not) Christmas Punky and here’s Tony with what’s in our little cracker…
“It’s Christmas time and there’s no reason to be afraid… Don’t worry about the presents and all that good will etc – Punky is here to bring you zero festivities and nine great songs from Fujiwara, China Shop Bull, Dinosaur Eyelids, Ghost Of The Avalanche, King Salami And The Cumberland 3, Villy Raze, Los Bengala, Matilda’s Scoundrels and Elmo And The Styx.
Nothing like a Christmas murder, Pantychrist get in touch, Tony’s world, Nes has a poem for us, denture difficulties, thanks to Fenella Fudge!, Tony has your Facebook comments, pirate metal, ska suggestions, Paul’s world, Tony’s seen Star Wars, movie spoilers, The Crying Game, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about Christmas plans, Izzatwat and we’ll be back for the between the wars special!
Song 1: Fujiwara – Everything I See
Song 2: China Shop Bull – Czech Neck
Song 3: Dinosaur Eyelids – Talkin’ To Me
Song 4: Ghost Of The Avalanche – Guns
Song 5: King Salami And The Cumberland 3 – Do The Climb
Song 6: Villy Raze – Bedroom Walls
Song 7: Los Bengala – Perfect Body
Song 8: Matilda’s Scoundrels – Sow The Seeds
Song 9: Elmo And The Styx – Do You Like Animals”
…He’s simply the best!
Download via and discover the TRUE spirit of Christmas.
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Goopa! Goopa!
Blimey! Punky!’s up early! It’s a Christmas miracle! Here’s Tony with the fuel for an early Yule…
“Christmas is fast approaching, but we just aren’t quite feeling it… yet… so this week we try and jump start the festivities with nine great tracks from Jackie Kringle And The Elves, Seconds To Go, Damnit Jims, The TiPs, Far-Cue, IDestroy, My Cruel Goro, The Offenders and Pantychrist.
Christmas, retail frustration, Tony has your Facebook comments, bad Pelham, one good pump, Sky Sports failure, Tony Towers is under new ownership, Council tax gits, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, real names on Facebook, Star Wars, Paul is doing overtime this week, out of order clothing, Izzatwat, Simple Minds and Tatu and we talk about Pantychrist.
Song 1: Jackie Kringle And The Elves – Let’s Have A Rockin Christmas
Song 2: Seconds To Go – I Want More
Song 3: Damnit Jims – Country Band
Song 4: The TiPs – Birds In Trees
Song 5: Far-Cue – 12 Daze
Song 6: IDestroy – IDestroy
Song 7: My Cruel Goro – Crapford
Song 8: The Offenders – Tons Of Drunks And Party Scum
Song 9: Pantychrist – Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”
…Well I don’t know about you – but I really enjoyed that. Download via or at that iTunes monkey.
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Goopa! Goopa!
It’s Punky time again and here’s the 50% homeless Tony with the good stuff…
“It’s a show of two halves this week as we feature 4 tracks from the upcoming Manchester Punk Festival, so get ready for nine great tracks from The Lamplighters, I Set The Sea On Fire, System Of Hate, Girobabies, Baby Horror, Sick on The Bus, Brassick, Jake And The Jellyfish and Oi Polloi.
Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, we talk about our week, Tony Towers, Paul’s been across to Oslo, Catalonia, From the vaults, Hispanic Stomp, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Manchester Punk Festival, Sick on the Bus, we talk about the week ahead, Tony is going to K in A, Paul is off Friday and is going to have a pantastic time, Tvatt, Tony’s International Gig Guide – Part 2 and don’t forget to review us at iTunes!
Song 1: The Lamplighters – Basement
Song 2: I Set The Sea On Fire – Tastes Like Funk
Song 3: System Of Hate – Crucified
Song 4: Girobabies – Brain Rocket (And The Evolution Of Turtles)
Song 5: Baby Horror – La Tierra Temblo
Song 6: Sick on The Bus – We Are Sick On The Bus
Song 7: Brassick – Leeches
Song 8: Jake And The Jellyfish – Don’t Follow The Leader
Song 9: Oi Polloi – Nein”
…He’s lovely. Sorry for taking so long to post this – Internet issues…
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Goopa! Goopa!
It’s Punky time again so here’s Tony with the decade-old bizniz…
“Black Friday has gone, Cyber Monday has passed – I guess now it’s time for the true holiday, Punky Tuesday! Get ready for nine great tracks from Scanner, Matilda’s Scoundrels, The Arrogants, Origami Horses, Falsies On Heat, MFC Chicken, Ekranoplan 4, Centurion Sect and Baptist Killing Spree.
Black Friday, sales, Tony has your Facebook comments, the new intro, Sef CatMilker is back!, Random Hand, Tony Towers is very nearly sold, Paul talks about his new post relationship habit, Norwich, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, that’s worth the cheese, where is the beast?, Coventry, new laptop, Paul talks about his gigs this weekend, Tony has the US iTunes reviews and we remind you of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Scanner – Yeah We Suck
Song 2: Matilda’s Scoundrels – Sinking In Their Sins
Song 3: The Arrogants – Mr. Devil
Song 4: Origami Horses – The King of Happenstance
Song 5: Falsies On Heat – Vegetarian
Song 6: MFC Chicken – Kahuna Hoodoo Hoochie Coo Flu Blues
Song 7: Ekranoplan 4 – California
Song 8: Centurion Sect – Cow Song
Song 9: Baptist Killing Spree – Keep Going”
…It’s an hour of your life you might not get back but he describes it with aplomb and, of course, the music is brilliant,…
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