Edinbugh 2015

Four different strings to my bow again! I’m just not learning, am I?

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Booze & Fags Are Good For Society

My solo show this year is a badly thought out pub philosophy and why we should all drink and smoke for the good of those around us. It might not be that accurate but it should be a good old laugh and there will be free biscuits! 3pm Bannermans (Not Thursdays)

The Lastminutecomedy Club

Now in its fifth year and at its third venue! This is one of the best free compilation shows at the fringe with incredible line ups and this year is no exception. Regular appearances from Christian Reilly, Silky, Pierre Hollins, Kate Smurthwaite, Eddie Brimson, Rich Wilson, SallyAnne Hayward and overseas stars Tobias Persson and Al Lubel – Plus many more! Line ups change daily and the odd star will no doubt drop in to do a bit as well… 7.30pm Liquid Room Annexe (Not Thursdays)

Paul B’s Best Of The Fest

The cream of the crop will be on show on Saturdays with line ups so secret we can’t give them away! 5.30pm Banshee Labyrinth Chamber Room

Disco InFreeno!

Disco in free? YES. The second year of the midweek wonder’s five hour late night cavalcade of cacophony with every sort of music imaginable to get you dancing your clogs off – and we take requests! Guest DJs this year include Miranda Kane and Luke Benson. Don’t stop ’til you get enough – and it’s all FREE! 11.30pm Liquid Room Annexe (Wednesdays)

I’ll also be hanging around The Old Town every day so even if you can’t make it to one of my thingies (And why not?) come and say hello anyway. I get very bored flyering…


Edinburgh 2014

I’ve gone a bit mad with Edinburgh this year and am doing FOUR different things while I’m there – and they’re all very different – A medieval comedy lecture, a compilation show, a kids’ comedy workshop and a clubnight! here are the flyers…

clubnight2 kids flyer 6 paulb-3 lastminutecomedy club alt. version 3

Kids Do The Funniest Things

I’m starting the day at Hispaniola with a kids comedy workshop at 11.20am. I love doing workshops with kids and it’ll be great fun – every participant also gets a badge and a certificate!

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The Story Of Medieval England…

This year’s solo show in Bannermans at 4.15pm is a comedy lecture, really – and it’s deeply flawed. Don’t expect any revelations about the battle of Agincourt, but do expect Jose Mourinho, Scottish Independence and the A31!

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The Lastminutecomedy Club

My annual compilation show featuring four different great acts each day returns to WhistleBinkies for a third consecutive year (and fourth year in total – we were at another venue in 2011).

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Free Fringe Club Nights

This is a new one for me – a late night weekly DJ set in one of Edinburgh’s best clubs – Electric Circus! I’m curating 1am to 5am every Wednesday night/Thursday morning and have comedians as my guest DJs. So far these include Luke Benson, James Cook, Miranda Kane and oh, yeah – PHILL JUPITUS!  Like all my other events at Edinburgh it’s free entry and will feature all manner of floor fillers from right back in the 60s to the present day. I expect it to be full of comedians – some of whom will dance funnier than any of their jokes…


Edinburgh 2013

So here we are again with another two shows at this year’s Edinburgh Fringe!

August 5 – 25, 3pm Bannermans, Cowgate

“Paul B. Edwards Doesn’t Know What Day It Is”

This is not the show I had planned but basically I totally messed up – all my own fault and this is the result. It’s a look back on my gloriously stupid muck ups of the last year, with routines and songs to accompany them.  It’s free to get in but please do drop a couple of quid in the bucket on the way out as it helps to pay for me to be up there!

August 5 – 25 (Not Saturdays) 7.45pm Whistle Binkies, Niddry Street

“The Lastminutecomedy Club”

For the third year running I’m hosting a “compilation” show in The Burgh and as usual it features four different comedians each night performing short sets to showcase their own shows. It’s also free to get in but contributions are welcome on the way out!

Here’s the flyers:

ed flyer front 2013 5ed flyer back 2013 2

Thanks for taking the time to read this and I hope to see you up there – come and say Hi, even if you just bump onto me on the street (it’s likely!).