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Finally! Punky’s posted five days late but we got there in the end. Here’s Tony with the doctor’s note…

“This weeks show spans two different countries, two different days and two vastly different internet connections. To calm the madness we still manage to bring you great songs from Ashpipe, Kirra, The Objex, Stardust Circus, Dustaphonics, Flies On You, Kenny Texeira and Marijuanal.

Comedy Suburbs, German internet issues, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony talks about his week in Germany, save the 12 bar, Tony talks logistics, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s off to see Kevin Smith tonight record a podcast, Yummy Brummy, Paul’s doing 4 gigs tonight in Tring!, Kenny Texeira, next week’s show, Izzatwat!, InsaneStar and apologies for the lateness of this week’s show.

Song 1: Ashpipe – Cuore e Polmoni
Song 2: Kirra – Lies
Song 3: The Objex – Burn
Song 4: Stardust Circus – Perfect Killer
Song 5: Dustaphonics – Ride On Louisiana Red
Song 6: Flies On You – Can You Smell That Burning Noise?
Song 7: Kenny Texeira – Monster
Song 8: Marijuanal – 1984”

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New Punky! Radio up and it’s a little gem. Here’s Tony with the deets…

“Well the world cup is underway so we manage to squeeze in a show inbetween matches – so get ready for some great tracks from Viki Vortex & The Cumshots, MFC Chicken, The Tickturds, Sunken Monkey, Law And Order, The Rippers, Restless and Nightmare Boyzzz.

Comedy Suburbs, what should Rem do for his 50th?, Tony has your Facebook comments, new Punky site is finally coming soon, Tony has booked his holiday, Antwerp ring road, Paul talks about his new tele and the world cup, England vs Italy, Tony’s International Gig Guide, upcoming England game, Paul’s off to Bournemouth at the weekend, Restless website, a pervy Izzatwat and Tony tells you about the Internet stations that carry us!

Song 1: Viki Vortex & The Cumshots – Plastic Fantastic
Song 2: MFC Chicken – Laundromatic
Song 3: The Tickturds – Are You With Me?
Song 4: Sunken Monkey – This Town’s Too Big (For The Both Of Us)
Song 5: Law And Order – Self Destruction
Song 6: The Rippers – A Gun In His Hand
Song 7: Restless – Bam Bam
Song 8: Nightmare Boyzzz – Holdin’ Out”

…I can’t believe I just wrote “Deets”.

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Cheers, Paulybx

Goopa! Goopa! Here’s another great Punky! Radio posted and here’s Tony to let you in on the act…

“Just before the World Cup starts and before Paul’s new TV arrives we manage to deliver you another note perfect slice of wrongness featuring great tracks from Gung Ho, The Derellas, Baby Woodrose, Officer Down, Ghost Of The Avalanche, CrashDollz, The Black Marbles and Ashpipe.

Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, poor Fatboy, Tony’s been working on the new Punky website, Paul has his gigs at the weekend, Paul talks about being assaulted, Tony’s International Gig Guide, PBH benefit gig, Paul’s bought a new telly, Tony might go on holiday, Inkfest, the World Cup is upon us, Birmingham, IzzaUberTwat and please do review us at iTunes!

Song 1: Gung Ho – Bag Of Slugs
Song 2: The Derellas – She Kissed The Gun
Song 3: Baby Woodrose – Too Far Gone
Song 4: Officer Down – You Can’t Make An Action Movie Without Snapping A Few Necks
Song 5: Ghost Of The Avalanche – Prescribe This
Song 6: CrashDollz – Sugar Rocket
Song 7: The Black Marbles – Lovin’ Kind
Song 8: Ashpipe – Football United”

…You’re lucky he had time to give you this information – sounds like he’s busy this week!

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Apoog! Apoog!

Great new Punky! Radio up. Here’s Tony if you don’t believe me…

“This week we explore the positives and negatives of capitalism and how the tastiness of a burger affects the economics of Punky Radio. As if that wasn’t enough we also bring you 8 great tracks from Wonk Unit, Restless, The Defectors, Kinzie, The Senton Bombs, Two Witches, Swampy and The Objex.

Wonk Unit, Happy Birthday Jon from TTN, Comedy Suburbs, the new Restless album, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments this week, Gloucester, Tony went to Ed’s Diner, alcoholic milkshakes, sponsorship deals to, Birmingham, Paul’s non gig in Chester, wine tasting, Tony’s International Gig Guide, The Bleach Boys in Mansfield, Silicon Notts, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Izzatwat? Izzano!, World Cup and thanks for listening to the show!

Song 1: Wonk Unit – Go Easy
Song 2: Restless – There I Was Gone
Song 3: The Defectors – You Better
Song 4: Kinzie – Light Year
Song 5: The Senton Bombs – Heading For The Guillotine
Song 6: Two Witches – Inner Circle Outsider
Song 7: Swampys – Ca
Song 8: The Objex – Queen Cobra”

…He’s actually very good at his job when he’s not being a champagne guzzling class warrior…

Download via or at that iTunes bloke and all that,