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Goopa! Gooooooooooopa!
it’s the Punky! Radio Hallowe’en special and here’s Tony with the grizzly biznizz…
“Some call it Halloween, some call it Punkie Night. Whatever it is – this weeks music is stamped with the Punky seal of suitability. So get ready for nine great songs from Blacklist Union, Dr. Vampire, Losers After Midnight, The Monsters, Adios Pantalones, The Country Dark, Choke Chains, Scraper and The Cavemen.
I Don’t Know What They’re Singing, leave the plug socket alone, Air Supply, our sex pistol names, Tony has your Facebook comments, ban or not to ban?, the Chris Evans?, silly hair, never rule out one last dying, cherry headed bum snogger, Tony talks about the new bass player, Paul’s tour of middle class village halls, boiler problems, cat watch, Cat Poo By Nightlight, From the Vaults, goodbye trousers, Belgium, Tony’s International Gig Guide, stand up comedy courses, Paulyb Picks A Gig In The World – Yeah, The Hand and Heart, Darcula?, no Twat this week… or is there?, INXS and please enjoy Punkie Night!,
Song 1: Blacklist Union – Graveyard Valentine
Song 2: Dr. Vampire – Wolfman Stomp
Song 3: Losers After Midnight – Dracula’s Daughter
Song 4: The Monsters – Happy People Make Me Sick
Song 5: Adios Pantalones – Psycho Killer (2013)
Song 6: The Country Dark – Mummified Head
Song 7: Choke Chains – Cracked Dracula
Song 8: Scraper – Rats In The House
Song 9: The Cavemen – Stand By Your Ghoul”…
…He’s frightening.
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Apooooooog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio with Tony to dish the dirt…
“One week until Halloween! Whilst we slowly prepare ourselves for the coming of that certain danky danky Punky monkey, we manage to bring you nine great songs from Pizzatramp, Disjecta Membra, The Mobbs, Allusondrugs, Theatre of Hate, Death Party UK, Wonk Unit, Origami Horses and The Hillbilly Moon Explosion.
The mean streets of South Wales, I Don’t Know What They’re Singing, Morrissey joins us, Disjecta Membra, Tony has your Facebook comments, TBFM, last week, tiling madness, Paul talks about his gigs, Blewbury, Reggae, age is but a number…, From the Vaults, Theatre of Hate, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tokyo Sex Whale, Wonk Unit, 2nd track theory, Tony hopes this week a bassist will complete his band, Braughing, Paul’s garden update, algebra talk, no Twat, the radio stations which feature us, Halloween show next week and why not review us at iTunes?
Song 1: Pizzatramp – Queen Of Ringland
Song 2: Disjecta Membra – Lilitu
Song 3: The Mobbs – Mojo Degradation
Song 4: Allusondrugs – Good People
Song 5: Theatre of Hate – Propaganda
Song 6: Death Party UK – Rocking All Through The Night
Song 7: Wonk Unit – I Told You So
Song 8: Origami Horses – Origami Horses
Song 9: The Hillbilly Moon Explosion – Depression”
…Well what a mucky pup.
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio and it’s another little cracker of a show. Tony, as usual, provides the terms and conditions…
“As we slowly get closer to Punkie Night and our Halloween special we manage to bring you another great nine songs from Damnit Jims, UK Skunk, Das Fenster & The Alibis, The Glúcks, Lucifer Star Machine, JoanOfArc, Orcas, The Cavemen and Choke Chains.
I Don’t Know What They’re Singing, village hall dancing, Das Fenster & The Alibis, Tony has your Facebook comments, Punkie Night, Cat Milker, Olympic events?, don’t waste your time eating nuts, famous last words, Oost to the end my friend, Tony’s band has a song, Paul went to Oslo, the escape lounge, the ultimate five a day, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s double booked himself, Paul’s comedy night in Nottingham is this Thursday, The Cavemen, no Izzatwat this week, Trump, UKIP, England fans, Wayne Rooney, Tony chokes and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Damnit Jims – Pyramids
Song 2: UK Skunk – It’s Just A Box
Song 3: Das Fenster & The Alibis – Won’t Go Back
Song 4: The Glúcks – Sick City
Song 5: Lucifer Star Machine – Sulphur And Speed
Song 6: JoanOfArc – Dragon In The Sky
Song 7: Orcas – Kaffe Og Graes
Song 8: The Cavemen – Satan Is Her Name
Song 9: Choke Chains – Cairo Scholars”
…he really is ALL THAT.
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
This week’s Punky! is terribly exciting and here’s Tony with the baked beans of awe…
“October seems to have sneaked up on us and has brought with it quite the cold wind. To help warm our cockles we have nine great songs from The Derellas, MFC Chicken, Homes For The Elite, Mannequin Death Squad, Flaccid, Black Dreams, You Want Fox, The Mission and The Zipheads.
The Derellas, I Don’t Know What They’re Singing, clean warm pants, MFC Chicken’s new album, Tony has your Facebook comment, Homes For The Elite, Tony is tiling again, Paul’s back yard, Hedley Villas, Wicker Man, the A52s, From the Vaults, Flaccid, Two and a half men, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Green Door Store, Sound, You Want Fox, Tony’s band practice, Paul talks about his gigs this weekend, Nottingham Comedy night, The Mission!, Happy Birthday Fatboy, Izzatwat, The Zipheads and Tony reminds you of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: The Derellas – Strung Out Sin City
Song 2: MFC Chicken – New Socks
Song 3: Homes For The Elite – Adidas Smack
Song 4: Mannequin Death Squad – Sick
Song 5: Flaccid – Squares
Song 6: Black Dreams – Soul Stealer
Song 7: You Want Fox – Winging It
Song 8: The Mission – Tyranny Of Secrets
Song 9: The Zipheads – Instead”
…He’s a punk chef of tasty musical dishes…
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Apoog! Apoog!