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Goopa! Goopa!

This week’s Punky! Radio is a semi special with half the show dedicated to Portuguese Rock & Metal! Here’s Tony with the basics…

“This weeks show is half infected and half a Circulo de Fogo special, please find more details at The bands this week are Wasted Daze, Viralata, Los Bastards, The 7Riots, Kilimanjaro, The Kenneths, Inkilina Sazabra and Viki Vortex & The Cumshots.

Coventry, Paul’s cold, juice or booze?, Tony has your Facebook comments, Paul’s laptop is a bit poorly too, It’s a Frogs life, Tony went out to the pub, Paul talks about his time in Edinburgh, @poorlybee, Tony’s International Gig Guide, the 12 Bar, Dr Tony, we talk about the week ahead, Tony wants to go to the cinema at a reasonable hour, Paul’s off to Oslo, no Izzatwat, please do leave us your iTunes reviews, is iTunes still relevant? Tony goes into detail and is really really interesting… and we play Viki & The Cumshots.

Song 1: Wasted Daze – Truly Julie
Song 2: Viralata – E Vai Um Copo
Song 3: Los Bastards – Anthem
Song 4: The 7Riots – Out Of Control
Song 5: Kilimanjaro – Hook
Song 6: The Kenneths – K.E.N.N.E.T.H.S.
Song 7: Inkilina Sazabra – Oico Conselho Demais
Song 8: Viki Vortex & The Cumshots – Give Us A Reason”

…He’s a lovely lad but a shady apothecary…

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Apoog! Apoog!


Goopa! Goopa!

New Punky! posted and here’s Tony with the Good News…

“Paulyb’s back from Malta just in time to bring you another dose of Punkicillin featuring great tracks from Revenge of the Psychotronic Man, Bruiser Queen, Saints Of Rebellion, Bootscraper, Mystery Date, Arcane Winter, Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls and Gino & The Goons.

TNS The Bear and The Tiger, Rem gets in touch, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, twitter, Tony loves flooring, Fatboy gets in touch, is Tony wrong on Snowpiercer?, a new listener with a great name inspires a brand new song by Paul, Project Marv’s new album is finally coming out, Paul’s been in Malta, Tommo, Tony’s International Gig Guide, the 12 Bar’s back, Paul’s off to Edinburgh, 2 great Izzatwat’s and a short reminder of the stations which carry us!

Song 1: Revenge of the Psychotronic Man – Past Lives Of Saints
Song 2: Bruiser Queen – Invisible Girl
Song 3: Saints Of Rebellion – Gasoline
Song 4: Bootscraper – Clint Eastwood The Man With No Name
Song 5: Mystery Date – Lightspeed Romance
Song 6: Arcane Winter – Thirteen
Song 7: Jo Carley & The Old Dry Skulls – Bother
Song 8: Gino & The Goons – Baby Doll”

…He’s a right little Malteser.

Download NOW via etc.

Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!

Happy New Year from Punky! Radio – Here’s Tony with some nascent info…

“It’s the first show of 2015, and to prove it we bring you a packed show full of frivolity and reet grand tunes from Die Dorks, RF30, Gutter Demons, Cable 35, Three Two Ones, The Monsieurs, Lunar Sopor and Fire Exit.

German Lyrics, Word of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony talks about his new year, The Interview, Paul talks about his new year, Kazoo, Paddington movie, Tony’s International Gig Guide, 12 Bar is closing this week, we talk about the week ahead, Paul’s off to the comedians yearly bash, the first Izzatwat of 2015 and Tony ends with a quick Gig Guide!

Song 1: Die Dorks – FKK Im Autonomen Jugendzentrum
Song 2: RF30 – TacoBellXBox
Song 3: Gutter Demons – Playground Horror Peepshow
Song 4: Cable 35 – Boznich
Song 5: Three Two Ones – My Bones
Song 6: The Monsieurs – We Are Wolves
Song 7: Lunar Sopor – High Roller Coaster
Song 8: Fire Exit – Whips ‘n’ Furs”

…Some of you already know the outcome of this – download via

Apoog! Apoog!