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Yes! Yes! YES! It’s time for another Punky! Radio and here’s Tony with the news that made my year!

“Paul’s back from his Scandinavian adventures and Tony see’s what it’s like to record the show whilst loaded up on pain killers. Hold on to your pants and get ready for some great music from Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons, The Terraces, De Hoje Haele, The Rocketz, Sweatmaster, Eight Rounds Rapid, Wau Y Los Arrrghs and Flies On You…

…Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony does not have your Facebook comments, iTunes reviews, Eric’s greatness, Tony will never get the De Hoje Haele website right, Tony went to see Bill Bailey, tooth ache, Paul talks about his time in Scandinavia!, Matty’s story, Sweatmaster, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Animal Crackers, ex girlfriends, Wau Y Los Arrrghs, no Izzatwat – get emailing! and a quick shout out to the stations that carry us.

Song 1: Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons – Livin’ With Mum And Dad
Song 2: The Terraces – Who You Looking At
Song 3: De Hoje Haele – Undskyld For Meget
Song 4: The Rocketz – Dig The Way I Roll
Song 5: Sweatmaster – Well Connected
Song 6: Eight Rounds Rapid – Writeabout
Song 7: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Cuervos
Song 8: Flies On You – Josephine (Cryptic Cut Edit)”

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Here’s both this week’s Punky! Radio playlist AND Tony’s thoughts about it…

“Wowzers! it’s Punky time! This week we bring you another splendidly great show filled with super top tunes from Lucifer Star Machine, Simone Star, Origami Horses, Argonaut, De Hoje Haele, The Movements, Paper Beats Rock and Acid Drop.

Lucifer Star Machine, worst interview ever, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, tingly shampoo, Paul talks about his weekend, Balstock, leathered Vicar, child in a sack, Tony’s International Gig Guide, what are we doing this week?, Tony’s back at work, counting to ten in Norwegian, word of the week, Izzatwat and will Tony soon be able to make toast?

Song 1: Lucifer Star Machine – Rotten To The Core
Song 2: Simone Star – Come Along With Me
Song 3: Origami Horses – Rock
Song 4: Argonaut – Vintage Dress
Song 5: De Hoje Haele – Helt Af Helvedes Til
Song 6: The Movements – The Death Of John Hall D.Y.
Song 7: Paper Beats Rock – Sin
Song 8: Acid Drop – Slave”

Download now via , at iTunes or via the usual podcatchers. Don’t forget you can also listen online on one of THREE internet radio stations…

New Punky! Radio posted and it’s a Balstock special! Here’s the silky-smooth Tony with the details…

“This weeks show is a Balstock special featuring songs from Three Bottles Behind, Dirty Parlé, Billy Skins 5th, Hostages For Smack, The Blissetts, Jesus Hooligan, Defekters and Overload.

We talk about Balstock, Tony’s new fan, Tony has your Facebook comments, Being Dickheads video, bloody default URLs, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul has additional Balstock gig information, The Chavs reunion?, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Le Twat and a quick reminder of the stations that carry us.

Song 1: Three Bottles Behind – This Town Needs Lungs
Song 2: Dirty Parlé – Death By Life
Song 3: Billy Skins 5th – incorruptibles
Song 4: Hostages For Smack – Hymns From A Broken Society
Song 5: The Blissetts – Nothing To Lose (But Your Chains)
Song 6: Jesus Hooligan – Rain
Song 7: Defekters – Freedom Fighters
Song 8: Overload – One By One”

Download NOW via – you won’t be disappointed! (Well, you might be, but if you are – don’t tell anyone).

Cheers, Paulybx

Punky!’s finally back on track and here’s Tony to prove it!

“After specials and time travel shenanigans we are finally back to normal this week with great songs from Hostages For Smack, De Hoje Haele, Spellbound, Project Marv, Wildmen, Mr Shiraz, The Peoples Whiskey and UK Subs.

What lovely weather, Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Miho Wada, Tony has your Facebook comments, used knickers, Maa-gus, hipsters, woodyb3 has an ode, Paul’s been to Bournemouth, 2p machines, Project Marv, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk football, Arsenal, beards!, a fair dinkum “Izzatwat”, Irish Rob and ooooo Miho Wada.

Song 1: Hostages For Smack – Octopus
Song 2: De Hoje Haele – Rutsjebanetur
Song 3: Spellbound – Take A Little More
Song 4: Project Marv – This Time
Song 5: Wildmen – 25 To Life
Song 6: Mr Shiraz – No Prophecy
Song 7: The Peoples Whiskey – Fist Fights & Miller Lites
Song 8: UK Subs – Warhead”

Make sure you download it NOW via

We’d hate you to miss out. Hugs x