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Here’s my cohost Tony#s round up of this week’s Punky! Radio

After a week of drinking, falling over and being cut open we are both celebrating being alive enough to bring you great music from UK Subs, The Dead Exs, Mouse, The Thespians, Movment, Ghosts Of Eden, White Ape and Limozine.

UK Subs album names, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tommo confusion, Tony talks briefly about his operation, Paul talks about his 80’s DJ set, Oslo and Gothenburg, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk briefly about our upcoming week, Izzatwat, friends of Limozine and please do review us at iTunes!


Cheers, Paulybx

Here are Tony’s words about this week’s Punky…

It’s all a bit penisy this week so get ready to punk out with your trunk out to songs by The Rippers, Hot Fetish Divas, King Salami & The Cumberland 3, Damn Vandals, I Am Duckeye, Simone Star, The Sting-Rays and Los Chicos.

No Comedy Suburbs this week, our Graham, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony talks briefly about his birthday, Paul talks about the 80’s theme party he want to, HI-De-Hi!, bad rose wine, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Simone Star, Tony is in for an operation tomorrow, Paul talks about his upcoming trip to Oslo and Sweden, The Sting-Rays, please do email your twats to, Izzatwat, Tony reminds you how you can listen, don’t forget to review us at iTunes and Paul has a get rich quick scheme.

Song 1: The Rippers – Just For Ten Dollars
Song 2: Hot Fetish Divas – Psycho
Song 3: King Salami & The Cumberland 3 – Yosemite Sam
Song 4: Damn Vandals – Kings Of Never
Song 5: I Am Duckeye – Sperm Whale
Song 6: Simone Star – She’s A Drag
Song 7: The Sting-Rays – Pretence
Song 8: Los Chicos – Willy And The Hand Job

You can find the show at Cheers and hope you enjoy it, Paulybx

New Punky! posted and here’s Tont to tell you all about it…

…It’s the end of Paulmas, it’s pancake day, it’s Tuesday, it’s show 388…. it’s also Punky! Get ready for some great songs from Belter, Subsonics, Sleeze, The Swinging Utters, Bob Wayne, Valentiine, John Kachnowski and Isolated Atoms.

The Pope is a quitter, Tony has your Facebook comments, driving through France, Paul talks about his week, Darts, we talk mild, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about pancakes, Tony talks about this week, Paul talks stew, Paul talks about his week ahead, Twatless, iTunes, Tony would be crap at marching and we talk about the News.

Song 1: Belter – Invisible Cat
Song 2: Subsonics – High Priest Of Nothing
Song 3: Sleeze – So High
Song 4: The Swinging Utters – I’m A Little Bit Country
Song 5: Bob Wayne – Till The Wheels Fall Off
Song 6: Valentiine – Love Like
Song 7: John Kachnowski – These Things
Song 8: Isolated Atoms – Hold On

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