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Goopa! Goopa!

This week’s Punky! finally (sort of) sorts itself out. Here’s Tony with the lowdown…

“After a week spent in the past, we are now back in the present and looking to the future… never mind the new Doctor – get ready for some great tracks from Gash, The Kneejerk Reactions, The Swampys, Rebel Flesh, Heavyball, The Arrogants, Lucifer Star Machine and MFC Chicken.

You’ve all been a bit quiet, Wolfman Jack, Facebook song…, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week’s show from seven years ago, Wakefield, Tony’s been tiling, Paul’s been in Budapest, private members club, flight issues, Heavyball, Tony’s International Gig Guide, sh*t gets real, Tony’s going to be tiling some more, ice bucket challenge, Paul talks about his upcoming week, Paul’s last ever music stand-up gig has been cancelled, Izzatwat and all back to normal from next week!

Song 1: Gash – Deadly Venom V
Song 2: The Kneejerk Reactions – Mover And A Shaker
Song 3: The Swampys – Krueger
Song 4: Rebel Flesh – Dance It Deadly
Song 5: Heavyball – Another Country
Song 6: The Arrogants – Mr. Devil
Song 7: Lucifer Star Machine – Hold Me Down
Song 8: MFC Chicken – (Get Outta The) DJ Booth”

He’s lovely. Just lovely,

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Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa! So sorry to be so late with the news on this week’s Punky! Radio, but here’s Tony with the BIZNIZ!

“This week we hold out our hands across the border and make the world that wee bit smaller when we broadcast from north and south at the same time. Never worry though we still bring you great songs from Officer Down, The Dustaphonics, Reagan Youth, Puff, TV Eye, COR, The Teamsters and Hit me Baby.

Paul is in Edinburgh, Comedy Suburbs, the Facebook song…, Tony has your Facebook comments, Guardians of the galaxy, Paul talks about his first week in Edinburgh, what’s black, white and red all over?, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Rich Morton, Paul’s solo show, Scottish referendum, Izzatwat, festival issues and we’ll be back next week – probably a couple of days later than usual.

Song 1: Officer Down – Pull The Last Punch
Song 2: The Dustaphonics – Big Smoke London Town
Song 3: Reagan Youth – USA
Song 4: Puff – Diese Stadt Ist Viel Zu Dreckig Fur Mein Baby Baby Baby Baby
Song 5: TV Eye – Birds And Bees
Song 6: COR – Ftse Fetish
Song 7: The Teamsters – Don’t Come Back Home
Song 8: Hit Me Baby – Oops”

…I am but in his shadow – in his shadow!

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Apoog! Apoog!

It’s the Punky! Radio Summer Special! Out top eight tracks from the last six months all under one mohawked roof! Here’s Tony Hearn with the proof…

“It’s summer time and that must mean it’s high time we had a look back at the best songs of 2014 so far, so get ready for some truly great tracks from Lupers, Dingo Down, Viki & The Cumshots, New Coke, Wonk Unit, Crashdollz, The Senton Bombs and Zombina And The Skeletones.

Lupers, Comedy Suburbs, tingly, Dingo Down, Steve has a request, Tony talks Facebook (mostly), Viki & The Cumshots, Paul talks about his week last week even though we are in the past, the Valentines special, the new Punky site, New Coke, Wonk Unit, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Crashdollz, Paul talks about his upcoming week, what’s Steve up to, The Senton Bombs, Tony is twat less, it’s a Panty-crisis and Zombina And The Skeletones!

Song 1: Lupers – Le Has Dao
Song 2: Dingo Down – Red Dinosaur
Song 3: Viki & The Cumshots – Window Shopping
Song 4: New Coke – I’m Not A Fan Of Your Romance (Asshole)
Song 5: Wonk Unit – I Love My Nagging Wife
Song 6: Crashdollz – Bad Taste barbie
Song 7: The Senton Bombs – Tornado
Song 8: Zombina And The Skeletones – Tonight There Will Be No Survivors”

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