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Goopa! Goopa!
Punky! Radio presents to you… our 650th show! Here’s Tony with the good stuff…
“Another milestone reached this week as we record our 650th Show! To celebrate we bring you another great show featuring 9 songs from Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons, Nomos 751, Pixie Tourette, The Swinging Iggies, Sultans Of Ping F.C., 267, Nick Le Juge, Orange Bomb and Down And Outs.
Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, beds on the old show, show 666 is coming…, Pixie Tourette, last week, Mario’s birthday curry, Death Metal don’t pay the rent, Paul went to Oslo, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week!, snow, Nick Le Juge, the week ahead, no longer going to London, Paul’s Hitchin show is 25 years old this week, Metal Postcard, The Clash, Izzatwat, falling out with record labels and a reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons – Suneal
Song 2: Nomos 751 – They Live
Song 3: Pixie Tourette – WhensDay
Song 4: The Swinging Iggies – Lady Gaga
Song 5: Sultans Of Ping F.C. – Crash Pad Chick
Song 6: 267 – I Love Girls
Song 7: Nick Le Juge – Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien
Song 8: Orange Bomb – This Is England
Song 9: Down And Outs – Norah Marie”
…He’s a rare thing – A RARE THING!
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
Punky!’s back with another humdinger and here’s Tony with the natter that matters…
“February’s Birthday Bonanza continues as Tony’s deal with the Devil clearly didn’t work out and he gets even older… naughty Lucifer… Thankfully everything else is as normal so get ready for nine great songs (some with a strong Northern Italian vibe) from Moonshine Booze, Cup, The Moggies, Sook, Scanner, Japan Suicide, Low Ranger, Oh! Gunquit and ANMLS.
Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Uncle Randy, Rochee and the Sarnos V3?, The Mighty Boosh, last week, Tony’s Birthday, quiet birthday celebrations, freezer defrosting, The Lion pub quiz, Grand Tour of Nottingham, over priced venue full of tossers, Tropic Thunder, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week, Paulyb picks a gig, in the world, yeah, the week ahead, Tony’s off to London, Paul’s off to Oslo, Lone Ranger,no Izzatwat, word of the week, Dukes Arms, Tony’s well earned D in Spanish and a reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Moonshine Booze – Desert Road
Song 2: Cup – Mr. Sense
Song 3: The Moggies – Fuck Off
Song 4: Sook – I’m Not Your Woman
Song 5: Scanner – Living Life To The Emptiest
Song 6: Japan Suicide – Dealer
Song 7: Low Ranger – Be My Girl
Song 8: Oh! Gunquit – So Long, Sucker
Song 9: ANMLS – No Quiero Esta Contigo”
…He’s simply irresistible…
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Apoog! Apoog!
This week’s Punky! was beset by technical issues but the outcome is outstanding thanks to Top Lad Tony, who has even gone as far as to describe it…
“Despite our ever increasing ages, and the ever increasing unreliability of Skype, we battle on and still manage to bring you another almost perflectly formed Punky Radio featuring nine great songs from Pizzatramp, The Dead Brothers, Buzzbomb, Bee Bee Sea, Altered Images, Ricky Hell & The Voidboys, Migraines, Wau Y Los Arrrghs and Merry Widow.
Pizzatramp, Alex from Wonk Unit, Comedy Suburbs, an old joke from Simon, Jim Cannamela, Tony has your Facebook comments, great response to last weeks music, Sef Cat Milker, which pub?, last week, Tony did nothing, Paul’s post birthday fun, sore mouth, Winter Olympics weather, Mark E. Smith documentary, armrest organiser, From the Vaults, Clare Grogan, Cherry Red Records, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Feast Fest, this week, Tony’s Birthday, Paul had to cancel his York trip, no Izzatwat this week, pancake day, breakfast in America, McDonalds and a reminder of the stations which feature us.
Song 1: Pizzatramp – Claire Voyant
Song 2: The Dead Brothers – Ghost Train
Song 3: Buzzbomb – Graveland
Song 4: Bee Bee Sea – No Fellas
Song 5: Altered Images – Dead Pop Stars
Song 6: Ricky Hell & The Voidboys – U Look Like A Cop
Song 7: Migraines – Pussies
Song 8: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – El Mananero
Song 9: Merry Widow – Via Di Qua”
…He’s fully deserving, fully deserving…
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Goopa! Goopa!

Punky!s back with another great show and here’s Tony to tell you all about it…

“Paulmas rears it’s head once again, and we actually record on Paulmas Day itself! If that wasn’t exciting enough imagine our joy as we bring you another nine great tracks from The Dahmers, The Heiz, Bloodcocks UK, The Kramers, The Rezillos, The Loons, Hack The Mainframe, Hitlist Youth and Piss River.

Our Graham’s top 5, Squidhat compilation, Tony has your Facebook comments, Buck Banzai helps us with a translation, the week ahead, defrosting the freezer, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Punky Gig of the Week, last week, Tony has been staying warm, Paulmas, The Damned, Rock City, Disconnect Disconnect Records, no Izzatwat, Tony’s Self Employment anniversary and….. Piss River!

Song 1: The Dahmers – Reoccurring Dreams
Song 2: The Heiz – Too Much Rock N Roll Business
Song 3: Bloodcocks UK – Mothra Vs. Frankenstein
Song 4: The Kramers – Media Eyes
Song 5: The Rezillos – Getting Me Down
Song 6: The Loons – Saturday’s Son
Song 7: Hack The Mainframe – Coriander
Song 8: Hitlist Youth – is This Disco?
Song 9: Piss River – Bad Reputation”

…He’s younger than me, you know. Does it show?

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Apoog! Apoog!