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New Punky! Radio posted and it’s a little beauty – check it out! Here’s Tony with the details…

“Well bugger us, it’s that time of year already! Here is our best of 2013 special featuring songs from Komodo Wagon, The Great Malarkey, Sleeze, Komodina 3, The Zipheads, The Dead Exs, The Peoples Whiskey and Limozine.

Time travel, Komodo Wagon, The Great Malarkey, Facebook, Sleeze, Tony talks about his week, Doctor Who, Paul talks about Scandinavia, Komodina 3, The Zipheads, Tony’s International Gig Guide, The Dead Exs, Tony’s week ahead, San Francisco, Thanksgiving, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, The Peoples Whiskey, Henderson NV, no Izzatwat this week and we end the show with Limozine (Of course!)

Song 1: Komodo Wagon – Demon
Song 2: The Great Malarkey – Buckets Of Blood
Song 3: Sleeze – So High
Song 4: Komodina 3 – Agria Paidia
Song 5: The Zipheads – Revenge
Song 6: The Dead Exs – if You Got The Time I Got The Love
Song 7: The Peoples Whiskey – Pills
Song 8: Limozine – You Got It I Want It”

…He’s a lovely guy, he really is. Download NOW via or at that iTunes bloke etc…