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Goopa! Goopa!
Punky’s back with ANOTHER great podcast so soak up Tony’s music juice and get downloading…
This week we have a strong Liverpool/Manchester feel to the show as we feature nine great songs from Down And Outs, Wonk Unit, Faintest Idea, The Goon Mat And Lord Benardo, Plastron, Stage Door Guy, Elmo And The Styx, The Mighty Bossmags and Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!
Scouse, Facebook messages, explicit shows, Paul’s brief Star Wars review, second life, Tony has your Facebook comments, east coast…, last week, Tony went to a classical concert, 21st at the Pelham, Nottingham Forest, FA Cup, The Cure, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Punky Gig Of The Week, Tony has been back in touch with Carl and hopefully there is beer in the future, Paul’s off to the annual comedians party, train hassles, Anti Pop, Cheshire, Izzatwat, the Dukes Arms and sad news about Wau Y Los Arrrghs!!
Song 1: Down And Outs – Free
Song 2: Wonk Unit – Plasterer
Song 3: Faintest Idea – No Gods, No Money
Song 4: The Goon Mat And Lord Benardo – Because Of You
Song 5: Plastron – Scary Circus
Song 6: Stage Door Guy – Tick Tock
Song 7: Elmo And The Styx – Gloomy
Song 8: The Mighty Bossmags – Withered Hand
Song 9: Wau Y Los Arrrghs!! – Maldita
…He keeps this place going, I tell you.
Get it at iTunes, most podcatchers or listen online via Radio Andra and Podunk!
Apoog! Apoog!

Goopa! Goopa!

New Punky! Radio just posted and if you haven’t listened to the nine year old (award winning) longest running alternative music and comedy podcast in the UK before, WHY THE FUCK NOT? Here’s Tony with some temptations…

“It’s nearly Christmas so get ready for some pre-Yule fuckwittery from everyone’s favourite Uncle Paul and the second cousin (twice removed) Tony that frankly no one talks about. Fear not we still bring you eight great tracks from Fire Exit, MFC Chicken, Dragster, Ashpipe, Crashdollz, Goldblade, The Antidon’ts and Wau Y Los Arrrghs.

Tony is very good at the websites this week, Sydney hostages, terror parking privileges, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony’s George impression, what is Fatboy talking about?, bruv, Paul talks about his weekend in Oslo, The Shocker, Hello from Crashdollz, Tony’s International Gig Guide, bad news about The 12 Bar, Goldblade, Tony briefly talks about his upcoming holiday, InsaneStar, the first Twat in a new Twatilogy and why not treat yourself this Christmas with something magical from our Cafe Press store?

Song 1: Fire Exit – As Long As We’re Alive
Song 2: MFC Chicken – White Leather Boots
Song 3: Dragster – Skull Ring
Song 4: Ashpipe – Cuore e Polmoni
Song 5: Crashdollz – Wrecking Ball
Song 6: Goldblade – Black Sheep Radical
Song 7: The Antidon’ts – Parking Lot
Song 8: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Fruta Podrida”

…Still reading? I thought you’d have downloaded by now via


Apoog! Apoog!

Here it is! The Punky! Radio Christmas giveaway show! Et Voila! Tony is in a car park with the details…

Our final show of the year and we are featuring songs that you can win in our Christmas competition. The bands featured are Mothra Slapping Orchestra, Grand Rezerva, Stephen Dale Petit, The Grave Brothers, Adios Pantalones, Limozine, James Stephenson and Wau Y Los Arrrghs.

Live from a car park, comedy suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, Allen, Tony updates us on his trip, Vegas, Arizona, Tucson, San Diego, Venice Beach for Christmas, Los Angeles, Tony’s International Gig Guide, word of the week, Alwaysh Looking clock!, Tony talks about what he’s up to this week, Ventura?, San Jose, James Stephenson, Rich Morton, why is Tony in a car park?, get your Twats in to and get your entries in for the Christmas Competition!

Song 1: Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Pit Staff Rott
Song 2: Grand Rezerva – You Move Me
Song 3: Stephen Dale Petit – Muzzle
Song 4: The Grave Brothers – Now Go
Song 5: Adios Pantalones – Hairy Tits
Song 6: Limozine – Sick Chromosomes
Song 7: James Stephenson – Twilight Riders
Song 8: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Maldito Modales

Download NOW via or at that iTunes bloke.



Goopa! Goopa! Here’s Tony with this week’s CLASSIC Punky! Radio. It’s even got some punk on it! (And not before time)…

“All back to relative normality this week with great songs from Radio Nasties, Missing Monuments, The Great Malarkey, 12 Dirty Lovers, Wau Y Los Arrrghs, Hank Haint, Nightmare Boyzzz and Number 9 Hard.

Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony talks about his fear of flying course, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his new TV show, this weeks gigs, Pompey Rumble, Paul saves the day with a worthy Izzatwat, next week we’ll have more information about what the plan is for December and big thanks to the stations that feature us!

Song 1: Radio Nasties – Knockin’ At The Door
Song 2: Missing Monuments – Ghost Highway
Song 3: The Great Malarkey – Moneybags
Song 4: 12 Dirty Lovers – Bat Plant
Song 5: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Es Un Buen Dia
Song 6: Hank Haint – Blackout
Song 7: Nightmare Boyzzz – Don’t Wanna Feel All Right
Song 8: Number 9 Hard – Don’t Knock On My Door”

…He’s a very nice little boy. Download NOW via , at iTunes or whatever else it is you young people do…



Here we go then – Another prime slice of alternative music from around the world with a couple of idiots chatting breeze in amongst it all. Tony will tell all:

“Stop. Punky time! Welcome to another healthy dose of Punky featuring great tracks from The New Outcasts, Project-43, King Prawn, Lay It On The Line, J.P George & The Scary Space Cadets, Lucifer Star Machine, The Sixth Chamber and Wau Y Los Arrrghs.

Comedy Suburbs, Project-43 from The Internet, Tony has your Facebook comments, Josh gets specific, Halloween, Reunion Island feedback, the lead singer of Circle-A drops a bombshell, Tony needs a holiday, fear of flying, Paul talks about his gigs from the weekend, shots, Tinky Winky and Peppa Pig, Tony’s International Gig Guide, World Zombie Day, Paul’s off to Wales, Comedy Workshop, no twatting Twat, Comedy Suburbs part 2 and Paul talks about the Halloween compilation he’s found.

Song 1: The New Outcasts – The One That Got Left Behind
Song 2: Project-43 – From All Sides
Song 3: King Prawn – A Solemn Man
Song 4: Lay It on The Line – And That Photo made Me Feel Ill
Song 5: J.P George & The Scary Space Cadets – War
Song 6: Lucifer Star Machine – Hammer Me Dead
Song 7: The Sixth Chamber – Plastic Doesn’t Feel Pain
Song 8: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Tres Cabezas”

Download now via and thanks for reading this! Paulybx

Yes! Yes! YES! It’s time for another Punky! Radio and here’s Tony with the news that made my year!

“Paul’s back from his Scandinavian adventures and Tony see’s what it’s like to record the show whilst loaded up on pain killers. Hold on to your pants and get ready for some great music from Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons, The Terraces, De Hoje Haele, The Rocketz, Sweatmaster, Eight Rounds Rapid, Wau Y Los Arrrghs and Flies On You…

…Poetry Corner, Comedy Suburbs, Tony does not have your Facebook comments, iTunes reviews, Eric’s greatness, Tony will never get the De Hoje Haele website right, Tony went to see Bill Bailey, tooth ache, Paul talks about his time in Scandinavia!, Matty’s story, Sweatmaster, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Animal Crackers, ex girlfriends, Wau Y Los Arrrghs, no Izzatwat – get emailing! and a quick shout out to the stations that carry us.

Song 1: Pussycat And The Dirty Johnsons – Livin’ With Mum And Dad
Song 2: The Terraces – Who You Looking At
Song 3: De Hoje Haele – Undskyld For Meget
Song 4: The Rocketz – Dig The Way I Roll
Song 5: Sweatmaster – Well Connected
Song 6: Eight Rounds Rapid – Writeabout
Song 7: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Cuervos
Song 8: Flies On You – Josephine (Cryptic Cut Edit)”

…Download NOW at . at iTunes or listen online!