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Goopa! Goopa!
We’ve got a new show up and you need to listen to it to find out what I sound like after a mere three days in Scotland – here’s Tony to put flesh on my bones…
“Paul spent the weekend in Edinburgh and left his voice there, so get ready for some hot chat and nine great songs from The Run Up, Zombie Garden Club, The Heiz, The PeaWees, St. Evel, The Morlocks, The Drunken Ramblings, Duck & Cover and Vice Squad.
Toss Warrior, Edinburgh, wall construction, saintly offspring, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments, original Facebook song, please do review us, last week, Tony did nothing, Paul is having a wall built, Pierre Hollins joins us, knob cancer, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, the week ahead, Pierre talks about his book The Karma Farmers, Paul fills in the gaps, Izzatwat, Poetry Corner, Postman Pat and a reminder of the stations which feature us.
Song 1: The Run Up – The Upside Of Being Down
Song 2: Zombie Garden Club – Judgement Blues
Song 3: The Heiz – Excuse Me
Song 4: The PeaWees – Stranger
Song 5: St. Evel – She Said
Song 6: The Morlocks – No One Rides For Free
Song 7: The Drunken Ramblings – The Monster Mash
Song 8: Duck & Cover – Touch And Go
Song 9: Vice Squad – And Then You Die”
…He’s terrific and vocally strong…
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Apoog! Apoog!