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Goopa! Goopa!
I’m drowning in snot rags so I’ll hand you over to the unusually healthy Tony for this week’s News of the Screws…
“Ooo we love a musical apparently… Who knew? Never worry, we still manage to bring your nine great songs from Oxygen Thief, Muck And The Mires, Death Party UK, 30Miles, The Kirkz, Viva Death, Centurion Sect, The Peawees and Strange Planes.
Poetry Corner from Nes, Comedy Suburbs, no Facebook comments this week, Tony has another new Podchaser review, last week, Doncaster, Paul’s been ill, MOTs, From the Vaults, 1998, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Noel Edmonds for Prime Minister, the week ahead, Tony’s off to a meeting to beg for money, Paul’s off to the Dukes Arms, Nutty Nottingham tour, Trip Advisor, Paul’s off to see a musical, Trombone Barry, no Izzatwat this week, Tony’s Movie Review, Solo:A Star Wars Story, Novichok The Musical and a reminder of the stations which carry us!
Song 1: Oxygen Thief – Graffiti; Irony; Lists
Song 2: Muck And The Mires – Break It All
Song 3: Death Party UK – The Dead Of Night
Song 4: 30Miles – The Illusionist
Song 5: The Kirkz – 1998
Song 6: Viva Death – Sound The Alarm
Song 7: Centurion Sect – Hen Night
Song 8: The Peawees – ‘Til My Mojo Works
Song 9: Strange Planes – East Berlin Comfort Zone”
…I simply cannot argue with any of that. Bugger!
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
This week’s Punky! Podcast is the usual mishmash of great music and crap chat – and Here’s Tony to prove it!
“Where would we be without Fred? Thankfully we’ll never need to answer that question and we can just concentrate on bringing you nine fab tunes from Roctum, Yorkshire Rats, The Negative Nancys, Bob Wayne, The Pack, Nelson Can, Tex Pistols, Grand Collapse and King Salami And The Cumberland 3.
Roctum, Paul’s in and out of his comfort zone, Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, dramatic pauses, Tony has your Facebook comments, Weetabix, Twilight and Thebes, Tony’s tiling,gardening, Eddie The Eagle, Hucknall, rose wine, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, the week ahead, Alcohol practice, Paul’s Hitchin gig is Friday, where did all the Emo’s go?, Izzatwat, we remember the 555 special and thanks to the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Roctum – Mission Abort
Song 2: Yorkshire Rats – Alone Together
Song 3: The Negative Nancys – Boredom
Song 4: Bob Wayne – Kiss My Ass God Bless The USA
Song 5: The Pack – King of Kings
Song 6: Nelson Can – Move Forward
Song 7: Tex Pistols – Chip Shop
Song 8: Grand Collapse – Though Bloodshot And Blurry
Song 9: King Salami And The Cumberland 3 – Shiver”
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
Spring Forward with Punky! Radio. Our latest show is posted and here’s Tony with the bunny-wobbling goodness…
“Oh what a lovely April. Whilst we sneak a quick break from the sunshine and tiling we manage to bring you yet another generous helping of Punky with 9 great songs from The Darts, The Drunk Nuns, The Routes, Death Party UK, King Kurt, Blind Butcher, The Witchdoktors, Scotland Yardies and Cut.
Phoenix AZ, additional material, Poetry Corner, Spike Milligan, clean shaven, unexpected vagina, Tony has your Facebook comments, Death Party UK, last week, mo’ tiling, Paul’s gig at the Dukes Arms!, Facebook, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, John Lydon, Happy Birthday Oonagh, the week ahead, Paul’s upcoming gigs, back to the warehouse, 420?, paint sniffing, IzzaClutchingAtStraws, First Aid and thanks to the Internet stations which carry us.
Song 1: The Darts – I Wanna Get You Off
Song 2: The Drunk Nuns – It’s Over Now
Song 3: The Routes – Peeling Face
Song 4: Death Party UK – She Devil
Song 5: King Kurt – Oedipus Rex
Song 6: Blind Butcher – Fire
Song 7: The Witchdoktors – Mad Elaine
Song 8: Scotland Yardies – Neurotic
Song 9: Cut – Automatic Heart”
…He does love to rabbit…
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
Here’s the first Punky! of 224 x 9 and Tony with everything you need for happy new ears…
“It’s 2016, every day gets a little big lighter than the last and more importantly it’s time again for another (224 x) 9 great songs and some not so great chat. So get ready for Choke Chains, Death Party UK, Flies On You, Zoe Zac, Hancox, Infectus Muertos, Magister Ludi, Colt 45 and Wet Ones.
Some great TBFM news, Paul has a TripAdvisor favour to ask, Tony has your Facebook comments, Emz gets in touch about Random Hand, is it Jen or is it Glen??, Paul’s Star Wars review (SPOILERS!), Kittenblood, Ren, From the Vaults, Rey, Tony’s International Gig Guide, white dogshit, What’s In The Tray Today?, we talk about the week ahead, Paul has his gigs in Hitchin and Oslo, floods, Sussex Saint’s top twats of 2015 and big thanks to the stations which carry us!
Song 1: Choke Chains – Let’s Try Suicide
Song 2: Death Party UK – Skintight
Song 3: Flies On You – Property Vacant
Song 4: Zoe Zac – Humming
Song 5: Hancox – Toxic Twins
Song 6: Infectus Muertos – Respecting Soldiers
Song 7: Magister Ludi – We’re Loud
Song 8: Colt 45 – I Remember When The Rain Came Down
Song 9: Wet Ones – Get Off”
…He’s simply the best!
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Apoog! Apoog!