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Sorry we’re late with Punky! this week – sick notes available on request. Anyway, the good news is – it’s here now! Here’s Tony to bore you with the details

“This week’s show is a game of 2 halves featuring songs from Mix Market, Victims Of Circumstance, Better Days, Telstar Sound Drone, The Staches, Pete Bentham & The Dinnerladies, El Toro! and The Dead Class.

We’ve had an email from Tim Potter, donations, Cafepress, Tony has your Facebook comments, Pi, Tony finally has his new car, Paul talks about his week, where is my hotel?, Psycho Motel, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Izzatwat! and Tony reminds you of the stations that carry the show!

Song 1: Mix Market – Ready Go
Song 2: Victims Of Circumstance – Girlfriend
Song 3: Better Days – Something To Show
Song 4: Telstar Sound Drone – Evaporation
Song 5: The Staches – You Never Stop
Song 6: Pete Bentham & The Dinnerladies – That London
Song 7: El Toro! – Night Of El Phantom
Song 8: The Dead Class – Euphobia”

Oh he’s lovely, he really is. Download NOW and spread the word – without you, we are NOTHING.