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Goopa! Goopa!
I’m wondering what other surprises I have in store for myself so here’s Tony with this week’s madness…
“As the Brexit day fast approaches, we try to ignore the daily goings on and concentrate on bringing you nine great songs from Dboy, Crash Induction, The Ramonas, The Rude Dudez, Restless, The Rocketz, Marvel, The Peawees and Pizzatramp.
Comedy Suburbs, Crash Induction, Tony has your Facebook comments, Alexa skill, last week, Tony went to see Captain Marvel, Riverdance flash mob, Paul’s quiet week, Bedlam Breakout, Blazin’ Saddles, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paulyb picks a gig in the world, yeah, The Rocketz, this week, no practice, Oslo, Izzatwat, Pizzatramp and a reminder of the different ways you can listen.
Song 1: Dboy – Dboy For President
Song 2: Crash Induction – I’ve Been Banned
Song 3: The Ramonas – Quarter Life Crisis
Song 4: The Rude Dudez – ‘Cause I’m Rude
Song 5: Restless – Face To Face
Song 6: The Rocketz – Sleeping In Your Arms
Song 7: Marvel – Can’t Shake Loose
Song 8: The Peawees – ‘Cause You Don’t Know Me
Song 9: Pizzatramp – I Got Work In The Morning”
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Apoog! Apoog!
Goopa! Goopa!
Well I’m all geared up for something on the show I didn’t say I would be doing so here’s Tony with some actual facts…
“Another great Manchester Punk Festival compilation hits us this week, so as we approach the festival – we play some choice tracks. So get ready for some great songs from The Fuckin’ Glorious, The Gentlemens, A Bunch Of Jerks, Guerilla Poubelle, The Fall, Charmpit, Justine And The Unclean, One Eyed God and Scheisse Minelli.
Manchester Punk Festival, Discord, Tony has your Facebook comments, Sumac, Discord vs Skype, Rumbar Records, last week, Steph’s gone to Germany, two Nutty Nottingham Tours in one day, 2 Guitars Clash, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, this week, possible drinks with the band, Stiff Little Fingers, Paul isn’t doing anything this week (or so he thinks), Forest, no Izzatwat this week, iTunes, it’s all about the ‘droid and we end with a band with the most excellent of names.
Song 1: The Fuckin’ Glorious – Joys Of Triviality
Song 2: The Gentlemens – Lower Ground Floor
Song 3: A Bunch Of Jerks – 70s Euro Minge
Song 4: Guerilla Poubelle – L’Amour Est Un Chien L’Enfer
Song 5: The Fall – Underground Medecin
Song 6: Charmpit – Squirrel Vision
Song 7: Justine And The Unclean – Margaritas And Secondhand Smoke
Song 8: One Eyed God – Get Off Your Knees
Song 9: Scheisse Minelli – Yer In A Trance”
…He’s not wrong!
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Apoog! Apoog!