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New Punky! Radio posted right now and here’s Tony to tell you all about it…

“Well, Paulyb is busy preparing for Edinburgh and Tony is just busy with his playboy lifestyle. We still manage to squeeze in another selection of great tracks from Hot Fetish Divas, Random Conflict, Thornwill, Thee Oops, The Hipshakes, The Creepshow, Captain Accident and Totenwagen.

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Song 1: Hot Fetish Divas – No One
Song 2: Random Conflict – D.B.A.T.O.E
Song 3: Thornwill – Virtual
Song 4: Thee Oops – Hope You Die Tonight
Song 5: The Hipshakes – I’m Alright
Song 6: The Creepshow – Hello Joe
Song 7: Captain Accident – Eyes & Thoughts
Song 8: Totenwagen – Napoli Satana”

…It’s a right bunfight! Download NOW and LIKE TONY.