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Goopa! Goopa!

New Punky! Radio just posted and if you haven’t listened to the nine year old (award winning) longest running alternative music and comedy podcast in the UK before, WHY THE FUCK NOT? Here’s Tony with some temptations…

“It’s nearly Christmas so get ready for some pre-Yule fuckwittery from everyone’s favourite Uncle Paul and the second cousin (twice removed) Tony that frankly no one talks about. Fear not we still bring you eight great tracks from Fire Exit, MFC Chicken, Dragster, Ashpipe, Crashdollz, Goldblade, The Antidon’ts and Wau Y Los Arrrghs.

Tony is very good at the websites this week, Sydney hostages, terror parking privileges, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony’s George impression, what is Fatboy talking about?, bruv, Paul talks about his weekend in Oslo, The Shocker, Hello from Crashdollz, Tony’s International Gig Guide, bad news about The 12 Bar, Goldblade, Tony briefly talks about his upcoming holiday, InsaneStar, the first Twat in a new Twatilogy and why not treat yourself this Christmas with something magical from our Cafe Press store?

Song 1: Fire Exit – As Long As We’re Alive
Song 2: MFC Chicken – White Leather Boots
Song 3: Dragster – Skull Ring
Song 4: Ashpipe – Cuore e Polmoni
Song 5: Crashdollz – Wrecking Ball
Song 6: Goldblade – Black Sheep Radical
Song 7: The Antidon’ts – Parking Lot
Song 8: Wau Y Los Arrrghs – Fruta Podrida”

…Still reading? I thought you’d have downloaded by now via


Apoog! Apoog!