Punky 30/4/19 – Blondes have less fun

Posted: April 30, 2019 in punky radio
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Goopa! Goopa!
I’m reeling after a couple of days in the not-so-frozen North so here’s Tony with the news about this week’s show…
“As our dreams of riches quickly go down in flames, we bring you nine great songs (none of which we’ve been paid to play – dammit) from Vice Squad, Pizzatramp, Black Surf, Freedom Fuel, Restless, The Chats, Rod Hamdallah, Blowfuse and The Raws.
Comedy Suburbs, Blondegate, Tony has your Facebook comment, Picket Painter Jen, Pay to Play, last week, Paul went to Oslo, AirBnB, free drinks, meat balls, From the Vaults, new bed, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Wales, The Chats, next week, Tony wants to go see the new Avengers film, Paul talks about his gig in Henlow, Nutty Nottingham tours, no Izzatwat this week, British Podcast Awards and a reminder of the ways you can listen.
Song 1: Vice Squad – I Dare To Breathe
Song 2: Pizzatramp – Millions Of Dead Goths
Song 3: Black Surf – Eleven Dando (Good Time)
Song 4: Freedom Fuel – System Curse
Song 5: Restless – The Girl On Death Row
Song 6: The Chats – Temperature
Song 7: Rod Hamdallah – Think About It
Song 8: Blowfuse – Bad Thoughts
Song 9: The Raws – Tepelerin Arkasinda”
…he’s a little devil, but he’d never be a troll.
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Apoog! Apoog!

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