Punky! 31/10/17 – The Gruesome Twosome…

Posted: October 31, 2017 in punky radio
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Goooooooopa! Goooooooopa!
The Punky! Radio Halloween special has arrived and here’s Tony Hearse with the latest news on the gruesome twosome…
“It’s heeeeere. The highlight of the Punky calendar has arrived, so get ready for some ghoulish tracks from Pornscars, WolfWolf, Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls, Mean Motor Scooter, Screamers & Sinners, Baronen & Satan, Les Lullies and Daggerplay.
Halloween myths, Tony has your Facebook comments, last week, Catalonia, England v Spain, World Cup, Igor gets loose, Tony’s International Gig Guide, the week ahead, Tony will be getting a sofa, Paul has his Hitchin and Oslo gigs, all around the world, no Izzatwat, Dracula Untold, Word of the Week and a reminder of the stations which carry us.
Song 1: Pornscars – Six Feet Under
Song 2: WolfWolf – Grave Digger
Song 3: Jo Carley And The Old Dry Skulls – Dance ‘Till You’re Dead
Song 4: Mean Motor Scooter – Lizard Man
Song 5: Track 6
Song 6: Screamers & Sinners – Zombie
Song 7: Baronen & Satan – Satan Is A Lady
Song 8: Les Lullies – UFO
Song 9: Daggerplay – Right Now Everything’s Calm In The Attic”
…He’s undead, unfriendly and unstoppable!
Get it http://www.punkyradio.com at iTunes, most podcatchers or listen online via radio Andra or Podunk.
Apoog! Apoog!

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