Punky! 16/5/17 – never mind the quality, feel the length

Posted: May 16, 2017 in punky radio
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Goopa! Goopa!
This week’s (extra length) award winning podcast information is brought to you by the rather wonderful Mr. Tony Hearn…
“It’s all a mystery to Tony this week as we reveal nine great songs from Fights And Fires, Thee Vicars, The Venomous Pinks, The Cavemen, Mad Marge & The Stonecutters, The Darts, Missiles Of October, Centurion Sect and The Burnt Tapes.
Blanquettes, Michael Jackson – Blanket?, Tony has no idea what’s going on, Thee Vicars, Tony has your Facebook comments, iTunes, The Other Paul B gets in touch, Wonk Unit albums, Ann K, Phoenix AZ, last week, Tony’s spent the weekend being edgy in the garden, Paul needs a new passport, hairdresser, weather!, The Lion has a distinct lack of towels, From the Vaults, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paulyb Picks A Gig, In The World. Yeah.,the week ahead, Alcohol, Paul is going to pick up his passport, Tony’s Bum, Centurion Sect get in touch, Restless, no Twat this week, Eurovision, the Dukes Arms, Kittenblood and a reminder of the stations which carry us!
Song 1: Fights And Fires – Blanquettes Avenue
Song 2: Thee Vicars – Don’t Try To Tell Me
Song 3: The Venomous Pinks – Nightmare
Song 4: The Cavemen – Dog On A Chain
Song 5: Mad Marge & The Stonecutters – Gravest Sin
Song 6: The Darts – Take What I Need
Song 7: Missiles Of October – Better Days
Song 8: Centurion Sect – Crazy Fat Kid
Song 9: The Burnt Tapes – Oh Marie”
…He’s a twelve inch pianist…
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Apoog! Apoog!

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