Punky! 19/8/15 – Whatever You Want…

Posted: August 19, 2015 in punky radio

Goopa! Goopa!

Another week, another Punky! and it’s another modern day classic. Here’s Tony with the rundown…

“Paul’s still in Edinburgh, Tony’s still failing to leave the house, somethings never change. Lucky for you, as per usual, we bring you another great 9 songs! Get ready for tracks from The Bones, General Rudie, Les Grys Grys, Worthy Victims, Mothra Slapping Orchestra, The Mean Reds, The Kirkz, The Lost Souls and UK Subs.

Alreet me duck, no Comedy Suburbs this week, Paul’s mum’s text, roadworks to hell, Rich Morton, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments… but he does have time to plug his Facebook page, Tony’s working on Tony Towers, Paul talks about his week, Reunion Island, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the week ahead, Psycho Slot, Tony’s Movie Review, Focus and please don’t forget to review us at iTunes!

Song 1: The Bones – Bigger Than Jesus
Song 2: General Rudie – Listen This
Song 3: Les Grys Grys – Left Unseen
Song 4: Worthy Victims – Untouchables
Song 5: Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Kick Your Ass
Song 6: The Mean Reds – Peggy Sue Got Divorced
Song 7: The Kirkz – 1998
Song 8: The Lost Souls – Skid Row
Song 9: UK Subs – Chemical”

That man is not like the others.

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Apoog! Apoog!


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