Punky! 28/4/15 – Quite the LoFi racket…

Posted: April 28, 2015 in punky radio

Goopa! Goopa!

Here’s this week’s Punky! Details courtesy of the lovely and talented Tony…

“All the bases are covered this week with chat ranging from evil number theory and Tony’s frankly oscar worthy accents. If that doesn’t sound enough, then we also have 9 great songs from Van Dammes, The Derellas, Nordics Yell, Vita And The Vicious, Demented Are Go, Misconducters, MyreSkaer, Smile And Burn and Brunel.

The other Paul B gets in touch, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments, Bender, Tony’s been ill, Paul’s been to Oslo, Stansted woes, From the vaults, Helen and Ady get in touch, Tony’s International Gig Guide part 1, evil numbers, Tony is looking to book a holiday, flying, Steve’s pub, Tony’s Frankly Rubbish Accent part 1, Izzatwat, Tony’s International Gig Guide part 2, Bank Holiday and Tony reminds you how you can listen online to us!

Song 1: Van Dammes – Flash In The Night
Song 2: The Derellas – Day Of The Dead
Song 3: Nordics Yell – Quiet Spectator
Song 4: Vita And The Vicious – Bender
Song 5: Demented Are Go – Funnel Of Love
Song 6: Misconducters – Lurch
Song 7: MyreSkaer – Gronne Gudinde
Song 8: Smile And Burn – Assholes On Parade
Song 9: Brunel – Scoresheet”

He’s lovely, he really is.

Download via http://www.punkyradio.com

Cheers, Paulybx

Apoog! Apoog!


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