Punky! 6/1/15 Happy New Year and all that…

Posted: January 7, 2015 in punky radio
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Goopa! Goopa!

Happy New Year from Punky! Radio – Here’s Tony with some nascent info…

“It’s the first show of 2015, and to prove it we bring you a packed show full of frivolity and reet grand tunes from Die Dorks, RF30, Gutter Demons, Cable 35, Three Two Ones, The Monsieurs, Lunar Sopor and Fire Exit.

German Lyrics, Word of the week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony talks about his new year, The Interview, Paul talks about his new year, Kazoo, Paddington movie, Tony’s International Gig Guide, 12 Bar is closing this week, we talk about the week ahead, Paul’s off to the comedians yearly bash, the first Izzatwat of 2015 and Tony ends with a quick Gig Guide!

Song 1: Die Dorks – FKK Im Autonomen Jugendzentrum
Song 2: RF30 – TacoBellXBox
Song 3: Gutter Demons – Playground Horror Peepshow
Song 4: Cable 35 – Boznich
Song 5: Three Two Ones – My Bones
Song 6: The Monsieurs – We Are Wolves
Song 7: Lunar Sopor – High Roller Coaster
Song 8: Fire Exit – Whips ‘n’ Furs”

…Some of you already know the outcome of this – download via http://www.punkyradio.com

Apoog! Apoog!


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