Punky! 2/9/14 – Tile me a river! It’s a sort of Antipop special!

Posted: September 2, 2014 in punky radio

New Punky! Radio posted and it’s a kind of/sort of Antipop Records special (With a couple of exceptions). Here’s Tony with the important stuff:

“We’re well and truly back to normal this week with great music from Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies, Red Eyed Jedi, Trails, Gay Baby, Super Fast Girlie Show, Synthetic Scar, Villy Raze and CUT featuring Pete Bentham.

Antipop Records, Comedy Suburbs, Tony has your Facebook comments, the Facebook song, Tony’s been tiling, Paul proves himself a bit of a multiplication genius, Paul’s working on his live game show, most Scouse thing ever, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Music Submit, Tony will be mostly tiling this week, Paul’s got his local gigs this weekend, Paul has solved the Chicken v Egg argument, semantics, the mysterious new skill, Rich Morton, no Izzatwat this week, Fat Boy sends in some jokes and Tony updates us on the new Punky Website.

Song 1: Pete Bentham & The Dinner Ladies – Marcel Duchamp
Song 2: Red Eyed Jedi – Brass Hooks
Song 3: Trails – Forever Black
Song 4: Gay Baby – Punk Spac
Song 5: Super Fast Girlie Show – Doley Boy
Song 6: Synthetic Scar – Intro Atebrin
Song 7: Villy Raze – LOL
Song 8: CUT featuring Pete Bentham – In Toxteth”

…You know when you drag him away from the tiling he’s quite entertaining!

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