Punky! 6/3/14 – It’s a Wonky Zombina nightmare!

Posted: March 6, 2014 in punky radio

Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio listing and my lovely mate Tony to tell you about it…

“A little late but still great this week with songs from Zombina And The Skeletones, Wonk Unit, The Tuesday Club, Radium Cats, The Phlegm and Adios Pantalones.

Zombina album, Poetry Corner, Wonk Unit album, Tony does not have your Facebook comments this week, iTunes reviews, Paul talks about his week, poo pains, Radium Cats apology, poster child for a shit generation, Tony’s International Gig Guide, pancake day, Tony’s off to watch Her, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, Wonk Unit video, Izzatwat and do remember to backup!

Song 1: Zombina And The Skeletones – That Doll Just Tried To Kill Me
Song 2: Wonk Unit – The Blonde
Song 3: The Tuesday Club – New Glamour
Song 4: Radium Cats – Idol With A Golden Head
Song 5: The Phlegm – Winters Day
Song 6: Adios Pantalones – Psycho Killer
Song 7: Wonk Unit – I Love My Nagging Wife
Song 8: Zombina And The Skeletones – Born Without A Head”

…You’ll never catch him – you might try – But you’ll NEVER catch him…

Download via http://www.punkyradio.com etc. Cheers, Paulybx


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