Punky! 19/11/13 – It’s gonna be a long few weeks…

Posted: November 19, 2013 in punky radio
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New Punky! Radio posted and it might be the last time we make any sense for a while, if we ever did. Here’s Tony to provide the goodness…

“Before Paul jets off to Scandinavia and Tony jets off to San Francisco we manage to squeeze in another perfectly fantastic Punky with great songs from Acid Drop, Thee Flash Guns, Roll It Over, Brånna, Bloodlights, Hot Fetish Divas, Petty Youth and Lucifer Star Machine.

Comedy Suburbs, Marv, Tony has your Facebook comments, Ireland, Tony has Christmas dinner a little bit early, Golf, Die Zorros, Migraine, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Tony’s off to America this week, San Francisco, Paul’s off to Scandinavia, tribute to The Cramps, “Izzatwat”, please do get your twats in to tony@punkyradio.com, Simon Nott’s new book and please do help the bands we feature to keep going!

Song 1: Acid Drop – Polly Piper
Song 2: Thee Flash Guns – The Kill
Song 3: Roll It Over – Bullet In Your Soul
Song 4: Brånna – FU
Song 5: Bloodlights – Shit For Gold
Song 6: Hot Fetish Divas – Tonite
Song 7: Petty Youth – S.I.C.K
Song 8: Lucifer Star Machine – Dark Water”

…He’s leaving us for foreign climes next week – give thanks!

Download via http://www.punkyradio.com or at iTunes and all that.




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