Punky! Radio REUNION ISLAND SPECIAL! 1/10/13

Posted: October 1, 2013 in punky radio
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It’s here! The exclusive, never done before, miniature rockumentary on the island of Reunion! Do you know where it is? Did you know it had an amazing music scene? You must listen to Punky! this week! Here’s Tony to tell you why…

“It’s been a long time coming, but finally its the Reunion Island special featuring songs from The Circle A, AOC, KilKil, Tukatukas, Risque Zero, Mothra Slapping Orchestra, Black Babouk and Le Cri De L’Entoinnoir.

We talk about the Reunion Island, Ile De La Réunion, Radio Andra, Tony doesn’t have your Facebook comments, Tony has an email from Eric, Comedy Suburbs, Poetry Corner, Paul talks about his gigs from last week, parking ticket, Tony’s International Gig Guide, French language, Tony’s dental woes, Paul talks about his upcoming gigs, cunning linguist, a self twatting from before the show and welcome to our new listeners!

Song 1: The Circle A – Teenage Chicks
Song 2: AOC – Mon Berét
Song 3: KilKil – Cyclone
Song 4: Tukatukas – I Told You Backward
Song 5: Risque Zero – No Country Nico
Song 6: Mothra Slapping Orchestra – Igor
Song 7: Black Babouk – Met’Encore
Song 8: Le Cri De L’Entoinnoir – La Norme”

…Marvellous. It’s not like other shows you know…

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