Punky! 3713 – A croak-rock surprise

Posted: July 3, 2013 in punky radio
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Back from Scandinavia and a little husky (again). I’ll let Tony tell you about this week’s show…

“Paul’s voice is suffering this week, but still we manage to bring you a show filled with great songs from Random Conflict, The KDV Deviators, Captain Accident, Bleach Boys, Pet Tigers, The Tuesday Club, In Dynamics and Thee Out Mods.

Pineda is this week, Tony has your Facebook comments, Tony’s attention span, Skype shows, M11 services, Reggae, Paul talks about his week, Oslo, Gothenburg, Copenhagen, Gay Bar, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul talks about his gigs this weekend, Tony talks about his (lack of) Kitchen, no Izzatwat and Tony get’s fan mail.

Song 1: Random Conflict – Wide Awake Nightmare
Song 2: KDV Deviators – Screams Of The Insane
Song 3: Captain Accident – Business
Song 4: Bleach Boys – Weirdo
Song 5: Pet Tigers – Shoe
Song 6: The Tuesday Club – Oh Daddy Please
Song 7: In Dynamics – Liposuction
Song 8: Thee Out Mods – Punk A Go Go”

Download, as usual at punky radio or via itunes and all that other nonsense,





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