Punky! Radio St. George’s Day Special

Posted: April 24, 2013 in punky radio
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Here’s this week’s Punky! Radio in a nutshell…

“This week we celebrate St Georges day with some very different tracks from Bazooka, Better Days, Rot Jaws, The Hussy, Komodina 3, The Scurge, Black Dawn and Thompson Twins (!)

St Georges Day = Variety!, Tony has your Facebook comments, Where is Luke?, the Thatcher show, Tony has been hunting for his driving license, Block Party videos, Paul’s been to Crete, Ouzo, we talk about Komodina 3, Tony’s International Gig Guide, we talk about the 12 bar, The Scurge, Tony talks about dental issues, beards, Paul’s off to Scandinavia, Tom Baldy, Izzatwat and a surprising final song.

Song 1: Bazooka – Mr. George
Song 2: Better Days – Cool Out Man
Song 3: Rot Jaws – The Eton Stain
Song 4: The Hussy – Wrong Right
Song 5: Komodina 3 – Agria Paidia
Song 6: The Scurge – Jim
Song 7: Black Dawn – Suicidal Groove
Song 8: Thompson Twins – Vendredi Saint”

…It’s not for the faint hearted…

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