Punky! 8/1/13 Carnage special!

Posted: January 8, 2013 in punky radio

Hi there,

The latest Punky! Radio is a carnage punk special featuring tracks from a free download compilation album. Here’s my cohost Tony with the sleeve notes:

Well 2013 is all officially up and running now, and we celebrate with a Carnage Punk FREE compilation special featuring songs from Union Jack, Street Poison, The Forum Waiters, The Rocket Dogz, Burning Heads, Foolish, Twopointeight and Rat City Riot.

Paul does a social experiment, Tony has your Facebook comments, The Frenzy Of Tongs, Competition reminder, Paul talks about his gigs last week, Crime, Tony’s International Gig Guide, Paul talks about the upcoming week, stand up gig, Frenzy at the Maze in Notts, St Anns, no Izzatwat this week, Tony talks about Galactic World Radio and a final word about Tea.

Song 1: Union Jack – First Class Criminals
Song 2: Street Poison – Sin City
Song 3: The Forum Waiters – Lederhosenpunk
Song 4: The Rocket Dogz – Teenagers Dressed In Chains
Song 5: Burning Heads – Destroy Capitalism Anarchy
Song 6: Foolish – Hangover
Song 7: Twopointeight – Detach!
Song 8: Rat City Riot – Sons Of The Republic”

Download it from here

Cheers, Paulybx


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